Resident of Lugansk on Ukrainian TV: “Why Should We Be a Part of Ukraine? To Be Murdered Again?”

In Donbass, they do not expect anything good from Ukraine, except for the murder of Russians and violent Ukrainisation. Such “sedition” was heard on the air of the Ukrainian TV channel “Nash”.

Lydia from Lugansk got through to the studio, who said that she uses only her native Russian language, but can also speak Ukrainian, “but this is not a fact”.

“Are you ready for Ukrainisation? When Lugansk returns home, everything will switch to Ukrainian, the entire service sector, waiters, do you like this norm, or do you still want the Russian language to remain in public life?” asked TV presenter Maksim Nazarov.

“Of course not, we speak Russian all our lives, of course, it is more comfortable for us to communicate and fill out documents. And I don’t believe this Ukraine, even if they issue some law that seems to allow us to speak Russian, I don’t believe that it will be so,” the Lugansk woman said.

“Mrs. Lydia, who is Putin to you? Continue, Putin….?” said the odious nationalist writer Larisa Nitsoy, intervening.

“Putin is the president of the Russian Federation, but not our president,” the TV viewer replied.

“Well, how to say it. The Ukrainian knows what ‘Putin’ is, commented a disappointed Nitsoy.

“What do you expect from Ukraine, from the Ukrainian authorities?” asked the TV presenters.

“You know, I spent all the 7 years that the war has lasted here on this territory. And I don’t expect anything from Ukraine! They constantly tell us that they would have already returned us to Ukraine – why? So that we are then murdered again, as we were being murdered here in 2014-2015? Is that what you want?” answered the Lugansk woman, and Maksim Nazarov thanked the TV viewer for her emotions.

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“That’s all? Thank you for your emotions?” said a raging Nitsoy. “It turns out that Ukraine is killing them?”

“It turns out that Ukraine is killing its citizens? This is nonsense!” echoed the outraged Banderist and member of the neo-Nazi Svoboda party Igor Miroshnichenko.

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