Resident of Trudovskoye After UAF Shelling: “Here Is What Fascists Do”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


“The settlement of Trudovskoye – V. Hugo Street, evening passed by pretty tensely, there were arrivals of shells of the Ukrainian army, according to civilians several shells were fired at the settlement, there is lots of destruction, but fortunately there isn’t any loss of human life,” explained the war correspondent Katerina Katina.

“As you can see, the roof was struck, the nut tree branches offered protection, here is what fascists do,” said the resident of the settlement.

“The shell arrived from there, I was at home, the door was jammed, I couldn’t open it, I was forced to call the Ministry of Emergency Situations, who arrived to jar it free, and helped me to leave,” noted the resident of the settlement of Trudovskoye.

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