“The Residents of Donbass Must Be Exterminated”: The Revelations of a Ukrainian “Patriot”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The authorities of Kiev led by Petro Poroshenko continually shout: Donbass is Ukraine, and the people living there – Ukrainians who the UAF “liberate” from the so-called Russian aggressor.

However, in what sense the residents of Donbass are Ukrainians for the Kiev regime, the citizens of LDPR feel every day, being subjected to systematic shelling. And all of this because the pseudo-patriots shouting “Donbass is Ukraine” don’t in any way need the people who live or lived there, but an appetising coal country – the territory of the Southeast.

The video published on the Internet clearly this once again. In it a UAF fighting openly calls himself a Ukrop and Nazi.

“I was fighting against the DPR since 17 years of age. I am a Nazi, I am a Ukrop,” openly and joyfully states the Ukrainian militaryman for the camera.

And to the question do Russians or Ukrainians live in Donbass, the UAF militant generally said that all people who live in the LDPR will be exterminated.

“There are no Ukrainians in Donbass. The people who live there aren’t needed by us, they will be exterminated when Ukrainian tanks enter Donetsk”, he said.

“So maybe we need to stop war if there are no Ukrainians there?” asked the interviewing journalist.

“No. We need to eliminate them,” categorically answered the UAF militant.

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