Residents of the “Grey Zone” Village Seized by the UAF Appealed to the OSCE for Help

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The inhabitants living in the settlement of Gladosovo in Gorlovka asked the deputy head of the OSCE in Ukraine Alexander Hug for help after it the village was occupied by Ukrainian troops.

On November 22nd it became known that the UAF and nationalists from the Ukrainian “Aidar” battalion on November 21st rushed into the settlement of Gladosovo and captured civilians. Those who found themselves subjected to UAF occupation appealed through social networks to Hug for help.

They reminded that the settlement is in the so-called “grey zone”, therefore the UAF’s attack flagrantly violated the Minsk Agreements.

“Many of the residents of the settlement were arrested and taken away in an unknown direction,” they said. “We call on you, as a guarantor of the observance of the Minsk Agreements, to come to our settlement and to document the lawlessness of the Ukrainian authorities!”

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