Residents of Kiev Called to Liberate the Country From European and Ukrainian Fascism

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Thousands of inhabitants of Kiev came to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Park of Eternal glory on Lavrskaya Street, reports the correspondent of the Federal News Agency (FAN) from the place of events.

Ordinary citizens of Ukraine laid flowers at the eternal flame and said among themselves that the date of June 22nd is deliberately forgotten by the present authorities. Indeed, Ukrainian officials refused to remember the dead of this day – only ordinary citizens came.

The pensioner Tamara Vasilyevna told the correspondent of the FAN that she is sad for the country, which was previously the richest Republic of the Soviet Union.

“In 1944, on January 20th, my grandfather died. I come to him here and to his sworn brothers. June 22nd, as well as on May 9th are for me the most important days. I postpone all affairs and come here because I consider that it is necessary. Today many people came, I am very grateful to them for the fact that they also think like I do. It is impossible to forget what gave us the chance to live. Some like Bavarian beer. So let them go there, to Bavaria, and drink it there. I consider that our country has to be a real country, and not a begger. Our leaders shouldn’t go around the world, eliciting kopeks from someone. It was a worthy country, it had an industry and culture, we had everything. Blossoming Ukraine, it was the richest Republic of the USSR. Little by little our country was destroyed. It began with the industry, then culture was killed,” stated Tamara Vasilyevna.

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Representatives of left-wing forces made strong statements towards the present authorities of Ukraine and the EU. The first secretary of the central committee of Komsomol of Ukraine Mikhail Kononovich called the EU the Fourth Reich. “Officials didn’t come here because celebrating the first day of the attack of United Europe isn’t tolerated,” emphasised the communist.

“Now the united fascist forces of Europe attacked our Motherland, Ukraine. We need to fight to liberate Kiev and all our Motherland from European fascism and from Ukrainian fascism. Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers did everything so that fascism didn’t pass. Now it is our time, we will do everything so that the cloud of fascism doesn’t hang above anymore. We have one slogan – the fight for Ukraine only just begun!” stated Mikhail Kononovich in his speech.

The action was accompanied by groups of police officers, who separated those who lay flowers and the neo-Nazis who also were in the park to impeach residents. However, the police managed to prevent the nationalists from attacking and committing assault.

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