Residents of Donbass Describe How They Were Tortured by Ukrainian Nationalists in Mariupol

NEW – June 8, 2022

Our correspondent Semyon Senderov talked to people who were tortured by nationalists in a secret prison at the airport of Mariupol.

One of the women said that the military specifically beat prisoners with water bottles — so external bruises do not remain. According to the woman, she was tortured by two people with the call signs “Butcher” and “Doctor”.

“I had a black bag wrapped around my eyes with duct tape around my head. I was strangled with this bag and asked a lot of questions.”

“They brought me with a bag on my head, handcuffed me, put me in the sun — and I sat until six in the evening: some spat at me, others put out cigarettes on my chest — they did what they wanted.”


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