Residents of the LPR Kidnapped by the SBU Described the Brutal Methods of Their Work

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The inhabitants of the Lugansk People’s Republic Vera Mamchenko and Aleksey Khoroshun, who suffered because of the arbitrariness of the SBU, at a briefing in the Lugansk Information Center on June 19th described the working methods of the Ukrainian special services.

Mamchenko noted that she was subjected to pressure by the SBU because her son was serving in the ranks of People’s militia of the LPR.

“I went to Ukraine [outside the LPR – ed] to collect my pension and found accommodation for the night. And at this time, it was 10 o’clock in the evening, three persons arrived and told me to take my passport and phone and come outside,” said the woman.

She emphasised that her request to the men to give a corresponding explanation and to show official IDs was met by a rigid refusal.

“I went out to the yard because I didn’t want to endanger the hostess (of the accommodation). When we reached the gate I said that I wouldn’t be going any further… well, nobody was going to listen to me,” continued the victim. “They took me, directly pushed me into a car, and started to drive. They drove me around, it was dark, they brought me to some wood, I didn’t see anything, only trees. They started to blackmail me: ‘Call your son so that he comes to you’. I said: ‘I won’t call my son’. They said: ‘We will put you in the basement, and then you will call’. I said: ‘You can put me wherever, even in the basement, I will never betray my son. Shoot me, do what you want, you are three, I am one. Shoot me and that’s all’. They said: ‘No, we will release you only when your son comes for you’. I said: ‘He won’t come in any case’. They said: ‘It means that you have brought up him badly’. I said: ‘No, I raised my son well, but not so that he becomes responsible for me on my behalf. I am a mother, I will never betray my child'”.

After numerous threats, which didn’t give the Ukrainian security officers the results they wanted, the pensioner was brought back to the settlement.

“I passed by the house where I stayed overnight. I sat down, had a rest, then continued to go. I went back, I looked at the gate, and then saw this house. Of course, it was dark, I stumbled and fell. Generally, I was in a state of shock. I fell and broke my hand,” added the pensioner.

Khoroshun said that his sister was subjected to moral and physical pressure by the SBU on the territory of the Lugansk region controlled by Ukraine.

“On the 11th of this month my sister called me. She said: ‘Aleksey, we have a problem. Now I am in a wood, I am chained with handcuffs to a tree, they want to see you’, this means the SBU. I said: ‘Well, how come, because of what?’. She answered by saying that ‘they have information that you are serving [in the LPR militia – ed]’. I work as a loader at a bakery, what service? Then I heard her shouting, she was being beaten,” said the inhabitant of the Republic.

He added that on the day of the incident employees of the SBU repeatedly proposed him to cooperate, which the man refused.

“They took my sister’s passport away from her, they stopped payments to the children, and said that they will also stop paying my mother’s pension,” noted Khoroshun.

“These two tragedies took place because Vera Tikhonovna (Mamchenko) and the relatives of Aleksey Valentinovich (Khoroshun) live on the territory controlled by the government of Ukraine. The SBU can’t find another method besides blackmailing relatives, violence, humiliation, which Aleksey Khoroshun’s sister was subjected to. We just heard about threats being issued by employees of the SBU, they have no other way of undermining the sovereignty of the Republic and are unable to find one,” said the representative of the LPR in the working subgroup on humanitarian issues of the Contact group, the head of the working group on the exchange of prisoners of war of the LPR Olga Kobtseva.

“Our demand to sign the declaration on stopping the remains in force, we are committed to signing this declaration,” she said. “And the second point – we ask the international organisations and commissions that recently visited the Republics to pay attention to the illegal detention of people, the humiliation that they are subjected to, and we expect that these cases will be evaluated in accordance with international law, and even more so in the constitutional rights of citizens of Ukraine”.

The representative of the Republic of the LPR in the working subgroup on humanitarian issues added that the appeals of victims with testimonies about events will also be sent to the head of the monitoring mission of the UN on human rights Fiona Fraser.

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Earlier on June 19th Kobtseva said that the Republics of Donbass put on the agenda of the meeting of the humanitarian subgroup of the Contact group that will take place on June 27th the question of signing the declaration condemning the torture and violence that law enforcement agencies subject civilians to.

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