Residents of Sartana Expose Distortion of Truth by UAF

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




On the evening of February 3rd, the settlement Sartana, near occupied Mariupol, was fired at by MLRS “Grad” from the side of Ukrainian military personnel. The howl of Ukrainian aggressors that the settlement was “shelled by separatists of the DPR” became predictable. A large scale informational attack all over the world started in the media simultaneously with the shelling, which represented the odious statement of the self-proclaimed Chief of the main department of the National Police of the Donetsk region Vycheslav Abroskin

This rhetoric is known, intrusive, biased, and ear-splitting – to blame Russia and the NAF for everything. The aim is to tell the whole world about the “villainy of Russia and the fighters of Donbass.” However, like all slander, this can be easily exposed with a simple comparison of the facts. Let’s take the photos from the post of Abroskin, in which it is clearly visible that arrivals of projectiles to the settlement were from UAF positions in Pavlopol. There are traces from the shells that arrived from the side of Mariupol.

“Shelling of Sartana by terrorists”

I.e. all Abroskin’s presented materials in reality prove the opposite of what he claims. The representative of the “Ukrainian administration” lies and doesn’t blush. UAF fighters don’t leave without “attention” even the last resting places – cemeteries are targeted by “liberators”.

But that’s not all, the locals of the settlement of Sartana themselves indicate the direction of the attacks: “As soon as UAF military units are withdrawn, bombing and provocative shelling will stop.” You can deceive the world, but the people, living under the shelling of the Ukrainian aggressors, studied too well their “liberators from the DPR” to believe their lies. A local resident comments on yesterday’s shelling on the street of his native settlement:

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I.e. the whole propaganda hyper-machine of the junta regime subsides against the background of the words of local residents, who perfectly understand who is trying to wipe them off the face of the earth. Neither Abroskin with his “reports”, nor all of brainwashing TV can make people believe that the killers in Kiev came to them with “peace and liberation”.

Moreover, in the field of view of the locals two representatives of the OSCE popped up – these legendary “deaf and blind people“, who were preparing to leave directly from the scene of the attack. So, to the question where did the attack come from, and who attacked the village, they prefer to avoid to answer and referred to their report, in which they allegedly will indicate everything and the findings can be read.

It is these kind of “fakes” that the all-ukrainian gang produce, today bloody Petro will try to prove to everyone that shelling was done by “Russian aggressors and fighters-separatists”. You can observe yourself the value of such “proof”. Bloody former Ukraine continues its agony, dangerous to the lives of the people of Donbass.

Now let Poroshenko in conversation with Trump describe how he opens fire on Novorossiya “in the name of peace”.

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