Residents Save Soviet T-34 Tank From Dismantlement in Poland

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In Poland residents of Gliwice did not allow the authorities to dismantle a Soviet T-34 tank mounted on pedestal as a monument on one of the streets. According to the protesters, the fight against the officials for this tank lasted for several months.

It is noted that the tank was installed on the pedestal at the end of World War II. By decree of the military department of Poland it had to be dismantled and transported to a military Museum in Bydgoszcz, as the tank supposedly is communist propaganda.

However, residents of Gliwice united and stood against the insanity and Russophobia of the leadership of Poland. Residents, local officials, and even members of the City Council, both from the left and right-wing parties, came to protect the monument. The Polish Defense Ministry was literally overwhelmed with angry emails, complaints, and appeals. As a result, officials were forced not only to refuse the demolition of the monument, but also to allocate money for its restoration.

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