Our Response to Corporate Lackey John Kerry

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



What a remarkable phrase from Kerry “We stand our ground”. Where is your ground, Mr. Kerry? Is it in Donbass? Is it in Damascus and Aleppo?

What is happening today in the world is a frenzied and hysterical manifestation by the US of its imaginary exceptionalism.

“You must obey us and give us your resources because we are Chosen”.

Absolutely infantile position, especially taking into account that the US’ dominance in almost all areas has long been lost.

While the United States is proud of the new iPhone, Russia creates new nuclear reactors and engines for space ships.

While the US talks about its uniqueness, China has become a world leader in production and trade.

While the US attempts to bend and coerce its European satellites (at the same time abandoning them left, right, and centre), Russia offers mutually beneficial conditions of partnership.

The US does not control the EU. They control only the individual politicians and officials, which still sound the messages that the US needs them to sound. But they are not anymore able to influence EU policy.

We see this in the examples of the referendum in the Netherlands, the non-signing  of TTIP agreement, and punitive sanctions against American companies by the EU.

And now, having lost almost all its positions, ceasing to be the ideological, scientific, technological, and economic leader of the world, the United States is hysterically whining “You must obey us!”.

If before they baited others with the attractiveness of the American dream and the effectiveness of their economy, today all they have left is useless aircraft carriers, fit only to frighten the natives from third world countries, and support global terrorism (what they already do practically overtly).

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Yesterday’s statement by Kerry in this respect is more than revealing.

“We will defend democratic Ukraine”. I beg your pardon, who? This thing doesn’t exist in nature! Democratic Ukraine ended on 22nd February 2014, and since then, let’s call a spade a spade, there is only the terrorist regime of Poroshenko, governing the territory of former Ukraine with the help of war, terror, and repression.

So, Mr. Kerry, you should say “We will defend our Nazi puppets in Kiev”, it will be much more accurate. And “we will defend our terrorist puppets in Syria and Iraq,” in order to complete the picture.

Every time a representative of the US speaks about the observance of International Law, I involuntarily smile. I can’t help it. Let’s agree, when a country violates this law much more than others, and even totally disregards it, it says something about the observance of the rules of common co-existence – it would be funny if it was not so sad.

Dear Mr. Kerry, International Law is not the crazy wishes of Washington, as you believe it to be, but it’s the UN Charter and other International Laws and treaties, which you usually wipe your feet on.

On what legal basis did the US invade Iraq and Afghanistan? “Because we can” is not a legal basis but an abuse of power. On what grounds did the US and satellites intervene in Libya, which led to the actual collapse of this country?

And finally, on the basis of which provisions of international law are the United States operating in Syria, applying air strikes on the territory of a foreign sovereign country? If you are the upholders of International Law, you would be able to enumerate for me which articles of the UN Charter you are basing your activity on. No, you can’t?

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What a remarkable phrase from Kerry “We stand our ground”. Where is your ground, Mr. Kerry? Is it in Donbass? Is it in Damascus and Aleppo? I didn’t know that this is US territory. Since when?

It’s us who are standing on our land. Donetsk and Lugansk were founded by Russians (as well as Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev, and so on), where Russian people live. And we will not allow impunity to kill Russians anywhere. We stand our ground and you were not called to come here.

Sincerely, from all American politicians, Kerry pleased me the most. An honest soldier who entered politics on the wave of anti-war protests against unjust wars fought by the USA in the 70’s. He came, as it seemed, to change something. But the result was a pathetic lackey of those very warmongers, which he was going to fight.

The Kerry of this time, honest and principled, died. And only his deceitful and unscrupulous twin is left, mediocrely justifying American aggression against other countries.

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