Response to Fifth Column Liberal’s Attempt to Sully the USSR’s Great WW2 Victory

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Michailov Michail

On May 8th this year, the writer Viktor Erofeyev [fifth column – ed] published on the Internet website “Snob” heart-breaking material under the name “Pyrrhic winners: forty one million sacral victims”. It is easy to guess the contents by the title, but if you are really interested, you can google and read. However, you will lose nothing if you don’t read it. I don’t want to give a link to this sh*t.

As you already guessed, in the “material” the author conscientiously compares our Victory in the Great Patriotic War to King Pyrrhus’ victory over the Romans in a certain battle in which he lost a considerable part of hid army. Put into modern language – even such a meme appeared called “Pyrrhic victory”. A victory that in general isn’t better than defeat at all.

Does somebody know where the number 41 million appeared from? Is it from the same fantasies of 100 million executed by Stalin? Or maybe these numbers in the higher mathematics of liberals somehow cross each other, and interact? I don’t know. I know something else. I know that if not for that Victory, for which in reality an inexpressible number of lives were given, then wise and conscientious writer Viktor Erofeyev perhaps would never have been born. I know that the country and its people fought to survive, because the aim of the enemy in that war was the extermination of the Russian and many other peoples that the population of the country consisted of. I know that by sacrificing in that war such a huge number of lives, we were saving from extermination not only ourselves, but also a mass of other peoples – declared by the highest German race as “sub-humans”. It is the peoples of Europe who could enter into the great Aryan family that we saved from slavery. We saved. Precisely us.

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Lend-lease act? With the lend-lease act, the allies saved themselves, giving to our country iron, which our people died with in their hands on the fields of war, breaking the Nazi machine. And there wasn’t so much of this iron. We would’ve coped without it. The figures don’t lie. All legendary weapons of Victory were shaped in the USSR, and the lend-lease was help, nothing more. The number of German troops on the Eastern front many times surpassed the number of all combined troops of Hitler in Africa and on the Western front – opened only at the end of the war. The Nazi machine was broken on the Eastern front. The losses of Germans on the Eastern and Western fronts are simply incomparable. Yes, every life given by allies in war against Germany, as well as each life of Soviet soldiers is invaluable, but their losses are small not from the fact that they fought so skilfully, but only because the forces that they faced were immeasurably weaker than that power that our fighters were crushing. And it’s not difficult to imagine what would happen to allies if the Soviet Union had collapsed. All this power strengthened by the economic force of all of Europe would fall upon Great Britain, crushing her without effort, and subsequently also upon the United States of America. Although it is quite probable that they somehow would have colluded.

Pyrrhic victory? These words from Mr Erofeyev’s mouth smell very strongly of something bad. He pretended seemingly to mourn our enormous losses, but as a result only spat on the memory of our people. And they are always like that. They don’t want neither to rejoice, nor to grieve, although they pretend. They want only to mix us and our memory with dirt.

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