Response to New York Times: Who Is Really an Outlaw State?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The federal mass media of the “State” that created, and now sponsors and leads Islamist terrorism, cooperates with Nazis of all kinds, has the audacity to call Russia an “outlaw state”.

Companions ISIS and the Ukrainian Nazis from the army of the state outside the law of the United States.

Excuse me for being direct, but in your United States there is no normal media and journalism anymore. Just one big propagandistic jaundice made to order.

Even seemingly solid financial publications like “Bloomberg” and “Wall Street Journal” manipulated data and engaged in falsification in order to influence markets in the interests of their sponsors and clients (I have a few articles where I argued this). Not to mention the others…

So the other day in the New York Times, in the framework of inflating anti-Russian hysteria, and at the same time, within the framework of election campaigning (the editorials are almost overdosed with “proof” of “our beautiful, not at all sick Clinton and this awful Trump”), released agitprop entitled “Vladimir Putin’s Outlaw State”.

Vladimir Putin’s Outlaw State

Outlaw = a criminal, outside the law.

At this time, the names of authors are not mentioned, shamefully hidden under the guise of “editorial board”.

So, what are these unknown hacks imputing guilt for to President Putin?

They accuse Russia of shooting down the Boeing over the territory of Ukraine, referring to the words of the “Minister of Foreign Affairs” of the illegal Kiev regime Pavlo Klimkin.

I am also wondering what kind of “independent and impartial investigation” does not involve Russians, but the specialists from the Kiev regime, which is one of the suspects in this case (and in my personal opinion is the most obvious culprit)?

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Also, they refer to unnamed “some western officials” who allegedly accused Russia of “war crimes” and are going to hold her accountable in the International Criminal Court. What “war crimes” are is also not specified. I.e. this is only propagandist cliches with no specifics.


Vietnamese soldiers taking the war criminal John McCain, who was shot down during a US airforce sortie on residential areas of Hanoi

And further in the article there is simply magnificent phrase that shows the full depth of American double standards: “For years he (Putin) has pretended to negotiate on a political solution to a five-year-old civil war between his client, President Bashar al-Assad, and rebels backed by the United States and some Arab nations”.

We will not even mention that the “rebels”, supported by the United States, are in fact the internationally recognized terrorist organizations “ISIS” and “Jabhat al-Nusra” (and the more recent statement by representatives of the State Department and the Pentagon directly confirms it).

The question is: on what basis is the United States and some Arab countries supporting “rebels” in a foreign country? This interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state, an act of aggression and a violation of all conceivable international laws, including the UN Charter, isn’t it?

Moreover, the United States and “some Arabs” supporting these “rebels” not diplomatically or legally, but with money, weapons, intelligence, military advisers, and special forces. And recently, in addition, they also bombed Syrian government troops.

If the United States considers such “support” to be legitimate, then why are they outraged and imposing sanctions, accusing Russia of supporting the rebels against the usurper regime of Poroshenko, who came to power in Ukraine as a result of the US-inspired armed coup?


A war criminal, Senator of the United outlaw States, John McCain meeting with one of the notorious leaders of Ukrainian Nazis Oleg Tyahnybok

Assad, who is fighting against internationally recognized terrorists, is convicted by the Americans and accused of crimes against the civilian population and indiscriminately bombing residential areas (without presenting any proof of their unsubstantiated words). Meanwhile their puppet Poroshenko, who indeed for the third year daily shelling residential areas of Donbass, which led to thousands of civilian casualties, is not accused by the US. And they don’t demand that he resigns and/or is prosecuted.

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How does Alexander Dumas write about it? “The bearer of this document is free to do anything, and this will be recognised as being for the benefit of France”? I remember Richelieu gave this document to the crook, thief, and murderer Milady de Winter“. It seems that the USA gave the same paper to the crook, a thief, and murderer Poroshenko.

And note, Russia supports Syria’s democratically elected legitimate President. And in Ukraine, similarly, supports the opponents of the illegal armed coup. I.e  – acts everywhere under the framework of international law.

The US in Syria have no legitimate grounds for intervention, they have no UN mandate or invitation of the lawful authorities of that country. And in Ukraine, they organized and supported the Nazi coup that led to civil war.







And we can also remember the American intervention in Libya, which resulted in the legitimate head of state (Muammar Gaddafi) being killed and Libya plunging into an ongoing civil war, caught in the grip of militias of various Islamist groups. Which, by the way, led to the destruction of the US Embassy and the death of an Ambassador at the hands of those same “rebels” who were supported by the US State Department.

When I asked on the “New York Times” page on Facebook, on what basis the United States interfere in the internal affairs of Syria, my account was banned for a month almost immediately. This is what American “democracy” and “freedom of speech” is like.

But our idea can’t be silenced or killed. And we can go further and ask on what basis the United States invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, and, further in the past, Vietnam. In Vietnam alone, the US executioners killed several million people, including more than a million children.

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And always and everywhere the United States acts like a criminal, outside the law, outside the framework of international law. So, who then is the outlaw state?!

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