Restitution of Western Ukrainian territories: Kiev/US Flush “Right Sector”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




The volunteers of the international organization “SPRUT” gained access to some very interesting information in the e-mail of the Colonel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Sergienko Alexander Petrovich [email protected]. According to an urgent special order from the top (screenshots of all documents below), the 74th centre for information and psychological operations of UAF got the task of discrediting the activities of the Ukrainian extremist group “Right Sector” (banned in Russia). Special emphasis is placed on the fact that the discrediting of the aforementioned extremist group should be conducted primarily in Western Ukraine, namely Lvov, Transcarpathia, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Ternopil regions. In these territories, where now Polish and Hungarian political forces are currently, together with activists, holding intensive preparations for the restitution of these territories into their countries. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

The discretization is carried out mainly by the media, with the involvement of such TV channels as ICTV and Inter. Their task will be the widest possible dissemination of information, but the preparation of content material and defamatory “RS” materials is the task of the 74th center psy-ops. The 74th centre for information and psychological operations (military unit А1277, Lvov) also has the mission of disseminating defamatory “RS” materials on social networks, radio, and wherever there is opportunity.

This means the command of the Ukrainian Army, in general, took the cleanup of the future Polish and Hungarian territories from the armed Ukrainian radical elements seriously. Why the main blow is aimed especially at the “Right Sector” – I suppose because it is here is where they are most strongly represented, in contrast to the Central and Eastern parts, where besides the “RS” there’s many kinds of extremist and fascist groups.

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UAF command could only initiate this expulsion of Ukrainian “patriots” from the territory of Western Ukraine (still) on the orders of Brussels and Washington, that is – everything is agreed at the highest level. Well “jumpers” [maidan activists – ed] can be congratulated – they are the material that was used, it is with their hands the mechanism of dividing the former Ukraine into parts was initiated, and now nobody needs them anymore.

Yesterday, some readers questioned the authenticity of the materials published by me, because I published only the documents translated into Russian, but anyone can see the originals on the website of volunteers “SPRUT”.




Special bonus – a list of officers of the 74th center for psy-ops, who provide the discrediting of “patriots”:



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