Results of Russia-led UNSC meeting on Ukraine

Following the 7th anniversary of the Odessa’s massacre, Deputy Plenipotentiary Representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyansky announced on May 5th a speech in the UN Security Council of eyewitnesses of the tragedy of May 2nd, 2014, in the Arria formula.

“Aleksey Albu, Sergey Kirichuk and Dmitry Fuchedzhi, who were directly at the scene of the tragedy in Odessa on May 2, 2014, will take part in the May 5th meeting of the Security Council in the ‘Arria Formula’. They will be supplemented by Anna Tuv, who faced the actions of Ukrainian radicals in Donbass, and Rostislav Ishchenko, who was persecuted by them in Kiev.

We would like our colleagues on the Council to look into the eyes of those who have experienced by themselves what has changed in Ukraine after the Maidan coup and hear their stories from the horse’s mouth. After all, without understanding the background of everything that has happened and what is happening now at our neighbours’ place, it is very difficult to adequately assess the prospects for resolving the internal Ukrainian conflict, and in general to form a correct impression of what can and cannot be expected from today’s Maidan authorities.

We hope that our Western colleagues, who traditionally protect Kiev, will also have the courage to participate in our event. We will also welcome the participation of representatives of the Permanent Mission of Ukraine, but there is little hope for this – recently they have not honoured such meetings with their presence, clearly showing that they are not interested in dialogue, but only in promoting their attitudes on the UN platform.

The start of our event is at 17:00 Moscow time, and we plan to broadcast it on the UN WebTV resource and on the Youtube channel of the Russian Permanent Mission to the UN.”

Dmitry Polyansky’s reaction to the results of the meeting:

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“The meeting of the Security Council in the ‘Arria Formula’ concerning the tragedy in Odessa and other crimes of nationalists in Ukraine left a heavy feeling, close to nausea. 

Even for us, diplomats, accustomed to the double standards and hypocrisy of our Western colleagues, calmness was not easy. In response to the sincere, factual and not leaving a normal person indifferent stories of witnesses of these terrible events and their personal impressions of what they had to overcome, we heard the usual Western mantra about our destructive actions against Ukraine.

It turns out that in general, everything there started because of us (all the troubles were provoked by a certain ‘Russian Spring project’), and that we picked up provocateurs as speakers (how dare they say this to the eyes of Anna Tuv, who lost her family members and remained disabled), and in ‘occupied Crimea’ , it turns out, millions of our people depend… on humanitarian aid (no comments, as the saying goes).

At the same time, on other subjects, Westerners often invite civil society activists from the Middle East or Africa as speakers, who, in good English or French, read off paper detailed testimony about the crimes of the authorities of individual countries and human rights violations. You can listen to them there, but you can’t listen to them here, because Ukraine is white and fluffy by definition, and it’s we and the pro-Russian separatists who do all the evil there.

None of the Westerners even tried to enter into a dialogue and ask for details of what is happening in Ukraine from those who know it better than others. While after all it’s for exactly this that we gather in the ‘Arria Formula’ format

In general, it was a fair of hypocrisy, probably it were the Estonians who surpassed everyone, viciously throwing at us all the dirt that they could imagine.

It is clear that the Westerners did not earn points for themselves with this performance, but they have no other way out – since they began to lie and distort, to cover up the Maidan power, then they must continue.

And there are no illusions about the fact that they will support any actions and statements of Ukrainians, and will rewrite history for them and will forgive them everything.

This is their business, let them deal with their own conscience. But the truth about the tragedy in Odessa, about what is happening and what happened in the South-East of Ukraine as a whole, is gradually beginning to penetrate the UN platform. It becomes public knowledge, reaches those who are ready to understand what is happening. And our Western colleagues are infuriated by this, it was seen from the tone of their speeches.

Well, we will continue to annoy them, there is no other way out. And water, as you know, sharpens the stone.”

Judge by yourself. Here’s the video:

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