The Revelation of the Kremlin’s Weathervane

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Yury Selivanov

The former General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party of the Soviet Union did not lose his apparatchik’s scent and clearly keeps his nose to the wind of history.

Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev stated about the possibility of the appearance within the borders of the former Soviet Union of a new Union state. “Not the Soviet Union, but a Union – Yes. I believe that there can be a new Union,” he said in an interview with TASS, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union. “In the former borders, with the same members, on the basis of free will,” he said.

The opinion of Gorbachev, who the vast majority of the population of the former USSR considers as the main culprit for the collapse of a great country, moreover a culprit that remains unpunished, in itself has no value. This long time washed-up politician for many years, in public engaged in nothing but helpless attempts at self-justification.

But it would be wrong to dismiss the fact that Gorbachev has been, and remains a hardened apparatchik, possessing professional talent to always keep his nose strictly in the wind. And the fact that today he, for the first time in many years, started to speak about the possibility of the restoration of the Union within the borders of the former USSR is certainly a significant event.

And this means, first of all, that the “best Germans” indeed sensed that at the very top serious winds of change started to blow. Therefore, the time came for him to once again “cave in under the changeable world” to better suit the current political moment. And to not fall in the category of someone who didn’t “rebuild himself in time”, which, in his position, is not excluded.

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The level of Gorbachev’s awareness must not be underestimated, because some of the figures from his environment, which to this day are allowed into the highest offices of the Kremlin, give him valuable information about the prevailing sentiment there. Therefore, his public statements, in which an important shift of emphasis is clearly shown, can be considered as a fairly accurate indicator of these sentiments.

It is important for us to understand all of this also because Gorbachev, after everything he messed up, is extremely careful not to compromise himself once again. That’s why, if this personage today started to loudly and quite clearly speak about the possibility of the restoration of the Union in its former borders, then it can only mean one thing – he is absolutely sure that this “trend” is dominant at the top, and that there will not be any reverse motion from this aim anymore.

Regardless of what Gorbachev thinks about it, we can say that the restoration of the unified economic – and therefore political – state of the former USSR is an absolute imperative for the survival of all its nations, including Russian. Who, in the absence of a unified country have already suffered human losses, which can be comparable to the terrible losses during the Second World War. And if the country will not be restored from its current shards, even these losses could seem insignificant in the near future, in front of what we have yet to face.

Those Russian common people, who expect to get along without it, and at the expense of natural resources to wait it out within the borders of the current Russian Federation are greatly mistaken. Simply because neither the West nor the East, who consider this sparsely populated territory as a vacuum that must be filled as soon as possible, will allow it. Moreover, it is especially the Russian Federation, because of the small size of its population and the lack of sufficiently large domestic market, during the growth of external barriers appears to be most vulnerable to such pressure.

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I’m not even talking about the rest of the Republics, many of whom from Latvia to Tajikistan are in a desperate economic situation, with the poor, dying, and fleeing into exile population. The local compradors, or even feudal elite increasingly isolate themselves from their people, revealing their complete hostility to the fundamental interests of the basic masses of the population. This means that they are historically doomed. Because they have nothing to offer their own citizens, except violence. In the same way it is happening now in Ukraine, who came in full, and the blind alley on the current “independent” rails.

By the way it is precisely Ukraine, as the part of the Soviet Union that was most affected by its collapse, that can find itself in the near future as one of the most active advocates of its restoration. And will strangle those few scoundrels who put a spoke in the wheel of this process herself.

So Mikhail Gorbachev once again confirmed his reputation as a well-informed Kremlin weathervane, who understands very well that in the words of Vladimir Putin – “Russia has no borders” – there is a part of a joke, but this part is not very big.

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