Reverse Racism: Black Times Have Come to the US in All Senses

One of the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement in Toronto Canada Yusra Khogali shared her vision of the world and the problem of racism in North America.

In a tweet, the black activist noted that white people are “subhuman” with “recessive genetic defects”.

White people are recessive genetic defects. This is factual. White people need white supremacy as a mechanism to protect their survival as a people, because all they can do is produce themselves.

“White skin is subhuman. All phenotypes exist within the black family, and white people are a genetic defect of blackness. Blacks simply through their dominant genes can literally wipe out the white race if we had the power to,” wrote Yusra Khogali, expressing her point of view.

Her messages went viral after they were shared by scientist James Lindsay. “A charming message from the head of BLM Tornoto, who has been honored (a few years ago) by the city of Ontario for exemplary leadership,” he noted ironically. Users found other statements made by the black activist online — in one of them, she asks Allah to give her strength “to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today”.

After the activist was criticised for the tweet, Khogali replied that she was not a government employee.

“I am not a public official. I am not a police officer. The state does not entrust me with violent weaponry. I have never contributed to the mass targeting of a community. All I have done is used a turn of phrase, a rhetorical flourish, to voice my frustration and dared to be a person calling for justice,” said the BLM leader. And this is what black radicals not only in Toronto think.

Given equal rights, African-Americans in the US now demand explicit privileges that white descendants of oppressive slave owners should and must pay for.

At one time, after the end of racial segregation 60 years ago, Washington believed that the best way to correct the mistakes of the past would be endless financial support. Blacks were given benefits, affordable housing, all sorts of exemptions and quotas for employment and enrolment in universities. Not everyone was interested in the latter, but the majority liked the carefree life at the state’s expense.

In New York, African-Americans live in a “NYCHA” — the name of the city’s social housing department, which manages a large number of apartments.

Several generations of people who are unemployed and do not want to work have grown up there. Residents of such apartments receive food packages and social benefits without problems, and they are regularly disinfected during the pandemic. Their children get iPads for free, and the schools they go to have priority funding.

It became clear that the number of supporters of the idea of flooding the problem with money after the Floyd case only increased. Major banks and IT companies have already announced multibillion-dollar contributions to funds to combat racial discrimination.

Capitalising on accusations of racism – this trend has now become very fashionable among African-Americans. In this sense, the “hero” for black Americans is not George Floyd, who died in police custody, but a man whose name almost no one knows. A man named Sauntore Thomas first sued his employer for racial dismissal.

He then won a lawsuit against a bank whose employees did not believe that an African-American could deposit a large amount of money received as compensation for his dismissal.

If you combine the current demands of BLM, it turns out that you need to make all banking services for blacks free, create a 0% mortgage only for blacks, and for black business owners — 0% loans for its development.

It is also necessary to forgive all the debts of African-Americans and change the law on the central bank, designating the unemployment rate among blacks as a criterion for evaluating the Federal Reserve’s activities.

In practice, this will mean that the central bank will subsidise sinecures for racial minorities from the printing press, while at the same time accelerating inflation for all other citizens. It is also clear who will pay for this banquet.

Stories about attempts to force white people to repent for incomprehensible sins are perplexing to any normal person. However, in the United States, where the BLM movement has already reborn from a peaceful protest to a means to oppress the objectionable, everything works as in a parallel universe.

The story of a white couple of lawyers from St. Louis who came to the defence of their home with guns in their hands was exposed by the “correct democratic media” as another attempt to oppress the usual, completely peaceful protest of blacks.

Now lawyers Mark and Patricia McCloskey may lose not only their gun licenses, but also their right to practice throughout the United States. The case is handled by the district attorney’s office, whose position is extremely simple — the right to protect their property and life does not work if it is about protecting the rights of blacks. Lawyer Maria Kelly from New Jersey notes that the BLM movement and related hysteria around racism are starting to be above the amendments to the US Constitution.

Even in the southern states, where racist attitudes were particularly strong just 50 years ago, things have changed. Black police officers, detectives, and heads of local and federal agencies — there is no segregation or attempt to influence careers based solely on race or social status.

In Texas police departments black officers have long served where for many years exclusively white Republican cops worked. Most of these employees, according to Vadim Kuzyak, a retired police officer in the city of Corpus Christi, until recently tried to establish dialogue with the protesters.

Rallies against police violence turn violent themselves. The protesters do not hide that they want to make the life of officers unbearable. BLM activist Miranda Perez believes that “for them, this should be comparable to the fear that every black person in America lives in, every day and every hour.”

But in the end, the whole country lives in fear. Pressure on the police has led to an unprecedented increase in crime. In New York, the number of murders has increased by one and a half times in recent days. Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia, Atlanta – crime is growing wherever the liberal authorities follow the lead of the protesters and demand maximum restraint from the police.

In the New York police Department, about 300 officers surrendered their badges after weeks of protests. Brad Sosnowski, a cop with 20 years of experience, claims that in all these years he has never seen such an attitude towards people in uniform. “The police go left and right. They retire, they call themselves sick, it’s called getting the blue flu. And all because they do not receive any support from the city authorities and from the authorities,” he said.

After the protests had already reached a critical mass, it became obvious that thousands of weapons were in the hands of those who, by definition, should never, under any circumstances, own even a toy gun.

The main danger is posed by left-wing radical formations that “mow down” anti-fascists. But in fact, they have nothing to do with the fight against fascism. Their goal is to allow legal segregation of the objectionable. And it doesn’t really matter who it is — African-Americans, Asian-Americans, white Americans. The main thing is to get a tool for influencing the masses.

At some point, white people became the oppressed majority. Many additional rights and privileges were given to other groups, including sexual minorities, all movements were only in defence of the rights of blacks and certain other categories. All of this was done at the expense of ordinary white people.

All this has led to the fact that it has simply become difficult for white people to live. In the end, this is why Donald trump with his outspoken statements received a lot of supporters. Many people voted for him precisely because he expressed the point of view of ordinary white people, of deep America.

There are already prerequisites for a repeat of the civil war. Whites don’t like the hysteria around racial prejudice, blacks don’t like that their claims are called unfounded and sent “to hell”.

Particularly impatient ones create movements like Black Panthers (armed groups made up exclusively of blacks) and patrol areas in the hope of finding a white man and making him regret the years of slavery and racism, which this individual white man has nothing to do with.

In the United States, society risks splitting into two camps, but it will not be a war of “black against white”. Rather, the country is waiting for a war of common sense supporters and left-wing radicals claiming exclusivity.

Andrey Nikolayev

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