Revolt in Georgia: The Second Front Against Russia

NEW – March 9 , 2023

The centre of Tbilisi. Molotov cocktails, 40-meter flags of Georgia, organised pickets, demands of the protesters not to adopt the law on foreign agents, otherwise they will not be taken to the EU and NATO.

Immediately, Borrell, a European, hisses nervously: “We will not be able to accept Georgia with such an approach to democracy into our blooming garden.” Berlin and Paris are shouting in unison that if such attacks on European values by undemocratic Georgia have begun, then we will have to stop flying between the EU and Tbilisi, otherwise democracy will be in danger.

Well, the White House immediately adds, through the mouth of the incomparable Brownie Kuzya, that the Georgian leaders will go in a friendly formation under sanctions.

The Georgian authorities listened to all this from the lips of “the best people in the world” and sent special forces to the capital to stop the “peaceful protests” in a democratic way.

After the entry of special forces, the President of Georgia immediately speaks against the background of the Statue of Liberty and declares that the protesters are doing everything right, but the Georgian government is not. By the way, the president is originally from France, a native Parisian, if anything.

Further, online there is news that Saakashvili, who was sent to do time, turns out to be much prettier. Nothing bothers him anymore, and even tomorrow he is ready to lead a democratic Georgia. Citizenship of the farm [Ukraine – SZ] in this case, of course, is not a hindrance.

If it is a thesis, then the state of affairs is as follows:

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The reasons are formal. The tactical task of the protesters and their patrons is to take power and return Saakashvili to the throne. The instigators are Paris, Berlin, London and Washington. The main goal is to draw Georgia into a second front against Russia and incline Moscow to defeat.

If the Anglo-Saxons and their foreign Georgian agents succeed, then Russia will not be as gentle as in 2008.

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