Revolutionary Marketing: The Opposition in Belarus Has Moved To “Selling” the Protest

Any velvet revolution is primarily informational support. Monotonous marches quickly get boring, the interest of the press needs to be warmed up. And from time to time, the same techniques are used, which, on the one hand, turn the protest into a carnival, and on the other hand, do not let go of their audience. The revolution must be presented beautifully in order to “sell” it to journalists. And the beauty of this technique is that there is no need to find or hire special performers for it. Often they are themselves, acting intuitively, subconsciously copying what they have already seen on TV – from Georgia, Egypt, Armenia, or Ukraine.

There are creative guys who turn demonstrations into monsters – with “funeral of the dictatorship” in fake coffins, with dances in national costumes, with women in white, opposing “cosmonauts” in black…

The mandatory program of this revolutionary marketing is to visualise the image of a small person rebelling against the System. This performance is specially designed for photographers. Sometimes even for specialist photographers.

One protester is against the background of a terrible chain of security forces with clubs and shields. It can be a girl in an embroidered shirt and wreath, in front of a formation of Berkut, or a black, kneeling in front of the American guns of the National Guard, or a young man with outstretched arms in the posture of the crucified Christ, or a girl with a Constitution, sitting at the feet of OMON, or a woman on her knees in front of security officials. Such images usually adorn the front pages and covers of freedom-loving newspapers and magazines with frightening headlines. Here, like it or not, you will be filled with sympathy for those who desire solar democracy in totalitarian hopelessness.

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Aleksandr Kots

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