Rich Ukrainian Traces in Clinton Foundation’s Financing

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The USA will have a new President in November 2016, which will affect the balance of power in international politics and economics. In the race for power different technologies are used that are far from clean – and as it turned out Ukraine is involved in it.

For example, while the National Corruption Bureau searches for $12.7 million, which the current head of the electoral headquarters of the presidential candidate of America Donald trump allegedly received from Paul Manafort, in the camp of the opponent of the odiously rich man some very interesting facts were found.

It is known there are two main candidates for the seat in the United States of America – the flamboyant billionaire Donald trump (Republican party) and the state-smart and good wife Hillary Clinton (Democratic party). And if everything is clear with money and points of view with men with weird haircuts, at this time it’s not really good for the former Secretary of State, because she and her husband were officials and were hardly able to capitalize on the election program. But as it is fashionable for ex-presidents, Bill Clinton founded the family charitable foundation the Clinton Foundation. And it is especially here that the amounts are simply huge.

Ukrainians are the richest?

Some from the record amounts (over $25 million) were donated to the Clinton Foundation by seven different organizations known for their charity work, in particular from the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation, UNITAID, and others. But this isn’t the most interesting part. According to information from  The Wall Street Journal, the leaders among foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation are representatives of a poor European country – Ukraine. For 15 years (until 2014), $10 million was sent for the help of the Clinton couple.

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The largest contributor among Ukrainians is Victor Pinchuk: according to the official website of the foundation, he is in the second group of donors to the organization. The New York Times reported that in 2006 he donated about $13 million to the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

Columnist Amy Chozick wrote that Pinchuk was presented to the Clinton family in 2004 by sociologist and political strategist Douglas Schoen, who for a long time was the go-between for the relationship. Even at the time when Hillary was in the position of Secretary of State, which was offered by Barack Obama after his victory in the presidential election (21 Jan 2009 – 1 Feb 2013). The press service of Mrs. Clinton strongly denied the meetings, but it is known that indirectly, through a Trustee Secretary – American of Ukrainian origin Melanne Verveer, the discussions, however, took place.

The Western media at the time wrote that the meetings could relate to business issues, primarily the discontent of US steelmakers, who openly accused several producers, including Interpipe Ltd of Pinchuk, of dumping. It was already known at this time about Clinton’s intentions to get the position above Secretary of State, thus she did not need any scandals.


It turns out that the Clintons were performing lobbying functions for Mr Pinchuk. But beyond that, it is necessary to remember thatas known in the West as the odious oligarch, son-in-law of president Kuchma, implicated in Viktor Pinchuk during this period was occupied with clearing his name. He was implicated in the Kolchuga passive sensor scandal, and in many corruption scams. And here the Clintons also played a role, particularly Bill, who during his status of ex-President took part in various international conferences organized by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, and by doing this he adding public political weight to imagery of activities.

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That’s why the news about Manaforte, an ordinary advisor, fades into the background of what is essentially coming-out: it appears that, the Clintons were not sickened by taking the money of the Ukrainian oligarch involved in high-profile cases.

More scandals

By the way, the favourite of the Presidential race 2016 Hillary Clinton wasn’t able to avoid a scandal with the interesting-to-law-enforcement funding sources of financing.

1. According to estimates by Bloomberg, in 2010 the Clinton couple registered two Bank accounts with JP Morgan with an aggregate amount of $50 million.

However, in 2010, the Clintons were caught using the same scheme of financial planning, like many millionaires in the United States. In order to minimise the payment of tax on real estate, they split the share of ownership of their home in New York in half – 50-50. Then in 2011, they transferred the shares into separate trusts, created with the purpose of escaping paying inheritance tax.

2. Hillary once said: “when leaving the White house, we were not only broke, but we were in debt”. In reality, in 2000, the family bought a 7-bedroom home for $2.85 million, and in the period from 2001 to 2012, Bill earned more than $104 million by giving lectures. Since January 2014, a similar activity brought the family $25 million. So it is unlikely that the Clinton couple can be called bankrupt.



3. Clinton Foundation received money from foreign governments, which is prohibited. Thus, the foundation, one of the purposes of which is the struggle for women’s rights, took remittances from countries like Saudi Arabia, a country where women are denied the right to vote and to drive.

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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said that Saudi Arabia is the largest individual donor to the Clinton Foundation. In his opinion, it is enough to look at what her policies adhered to in the matter of the export of arms when she held the post of Secretary of State. He also spoke about the foundation’s income from the construction group Lafarge, which paid tribute to the ISIL terrorists for the opportunity to conduct its business on the territory under ISIL control in Syria.

It’s obvious that Hillary is walking on corpses. However, as Clinton herself says, “the source of the money is not important, as long as it goes on a good purpose.”

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