Right Sector Appropriated Tsarev’s House Near Dnepropetrovsk

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard





On 26th January, in Dnepropetrovsk district court another hearing took place on the case of the appropriation of the residence of the former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev representatives of “Right Sector“. The investigation alleges that the former Deputy personally allowed strangers to live in his house. As an argument, the court cites a telephone conversation in which Tsarev had given his consent. To clarify the contentious issues of the protracted trial, the former Ukrainian Deputy answered the questions of NSN.

So Oleg, tell me, who de jure is the owner of the house?

“De jure, the house belongs to my eldest son, but our entire family lived in it. The house is small, about 150 square meters of living space. It was built by my father, for the fundamentals he took the standard free project from the journal “Science and life”. Then I altered this house.”

How is it that “Right sector” says that you are allowed them to live in this house?

“Kolomoisky called me and asked my permission to place his people in my house. I told him: “Igor, but you already took my business.” He replied to me: “Oleg, take mine in exchange. And you can also take my houses in Israel and Switzerland”. You don’t believe me?! But the Dnepropetrovsk court for the second year pretends to believe the people who occupied my house and say that they were allowed to live in it by the owners. After the house was taken over, the people of Kolomoisky loaded into two trucks our clothes and things — mine, my wife, my children, and arranged a free second-hand for the employees of the regional administration.”

Tell us, please, who represents your family in court?

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“A few lawyers at a time are doing that. The fact is that to represent my interests in the Ukraine is not an easy task, that’s why it’s difficult to find those who are willing. Once a lawyer was taken directly from the court hearing to the Economic Crime Department.”

What do you think, if you gave testimony to the court via Skype video conference, would it accelerate the progress of the case?

“I will do it with great pleasure. I have something to say to the current power. Especially a lot of information on the case of “Snipers on Maidan”. But I doubt that the Ukrainian power will be brave enough to interrogate me via Skype.”

Recall that the investigation of Tsarev began in 2014, when he left Ukraine. In the Ukrainian media the story is presented in such a way that Tsarev willingly gave the house for the use of refugees. After this, the son of ex-Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Maksim sued for return of the property. As Ukrainian lawyers affirm, there is a legal way to deprive Tsarev’s family of the property, as the former parliamentarian in Ukraine is declared as wanted, and a number of criminal cases were opened against him, and his property may be confiscated as compensation damage to the affected party.

It is noted that at today’s court session the defendant was not present, the family’s lawyer Tsarev submitted to the court the affidavit of the wife of the former Deputy Larisa Tsareva. However, the court refused to accept testimony without notarization, and the next hearing is scheduled for February 15th.

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