“Right Sector” Banderists Set Fire to Flowers and Wreaths Laid in Memory of the Victims of the Odessa Massacre

On November 11th five Euromaidan activists damaged an improvised memorial to those who died on May 2nd 2014 in Kulikovo Field.

It is in this way that they decided to avenge the destruction of the memorial sign on Preobrazhenskaya Street to their adherent, the representative of “Right Sector” Igor Ivanov, who died on May 2nd 2014 during clashes at Grecheskaya Square.

At Kulikovo Field the activists gathered flowers that had been brought by residents to the place of death of fellow Odessa citizens, and also destroyed some of the wreaths that decorate the fence surrounding the House of Trade Unions, put them in a pile, and set them on fire.

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