Right Sector to Donbass: After Our Victory, You Will Pay for Being Separatists!

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Former Right Sector Boleslav Bereza openly threatened the residents of Donbass with swift retribution. The return of Donbass to Ukraine according to him is fraught with executions and reprisals against those who dared not to recognize Maidan and its new heroes.

Before it was the mayor of the Dnieper [Dnipropetrovsk – ed] Filatov who became famous for promising to hang those who disagree, but today Bereza wants to make all adherents of the Russian world pay. What the retribution will be is easy to imagine: more recently, the UN published a report on the atrocities of the “soldiers of light” [Ukrainian Armed Forces – ed] in Donbass, which makes the blood run cold. And the former Right Sector just reaffirms what the witnesses of the Maidan sect stubbornly do not want to believe.

“It is time for residents of Donbass to take care of themselves and their children. The time will come for Donbass and all its culprits to pay, and it will not be revenge but retribution.” This opinion was expressed by MP Borislav Bereza on his page on Facebook. In the comments, former citizens of Ukraine, de facto but not de jure, and nowadays followers of the Russian world in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions are screaming: “Why did you come to Donbass?” How can I answer them? You stand on the side of the separatists, and you ask why we are trying to get our land under control? Donbass it is precisely Ukraine. As well as Volhynia, Sloboda, Crimea or Bukovina. That’s why, sooner or later, but we will take control all over the entire Donbass,” wrote the Nazi.

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He wondered how it happened that the Ukrainians living in Donbass simultaneously transformed themselves into separatists, hating “Ukies”. “It’s interesting how you normal people turned into a brainwashed crowd. I understand how it was done in the Soviet Union and Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Propaganda. But there was more time for this process. But how nowadays were you brought to this state? Once upon a time there was a Ukrainian, and suddenly woke up in the morning, and realized that he is a separatist, and other Ukrainians are evil? I don’t believe it. However, there are different technologies to control consciousness. Slogans about the people of Donbass was invented in the Kremlin, there is no such people. And there never was. But one beautiful morning you woke up with the assurance that you’re part of this non-existing peoples? And it means that if you started to be convinced that you are elves and dwarves, would you believe it? In any case, this is a question for a psychiatrist,” said Bereza.

The parliamentarian also reminded the inhabitants of the occupied territories that it was time to take care of their future. “Russia, doesn’t need you. Your future is already predicted and unattractive. All sorts of profiteer-types like Pushilin or plump and fattened Zakharchenko exported your money to Russia and now they are “drowning” you. And you, what will you do? Without a home, without a homeland, with this label of a traitor. So, what will you do? Think about it. And believe me, that Ukraine soon, very soon, will regain control over Donbass. Not easily and cheaply, but it will return. And then the time will come for all to pay. It is not revenge but retribution. So think about the future. About the future that you don’t have yet but that soon will come,” summed up the MP.

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In addition, Right Sector intends to avenge not only ordinary residents of the region who do not wish to live in a country with Bandera and the Nazis. And here is an address to the SBU about the Minister of Energy Nosalik, which was “caught trading coal with terrorist-separatists, which for some reason was not investigated. And no one threatens Minister with a terrible execution for supporting “separatists”. Perhaps because he is afraid to pursue the Minister, but there is no danger to do it with the women and children of Donbass. Because it precisely them that Beresov proposes to think hard about how to live in the “Unified Ukraine “, which is being built by patriots through violence, intimidation, and denunciations.

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