“Right Sector” Harasses Berkut Veteran Who Brought Flowers to the Russian Consulate

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




In Odessa, harassment of the retired militiaman lieutenant colonel, the veteran of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Oleg Yefimov has begun.

“This harassment towards him was arranged by a villager from near Belgorodnestrovsk, who is the head of the regional organization “Right Sector”, for the fact that the ex-Berkut officer laid flowers at the consulate of the Russian Federation on day of the crash of the Russian plane, in which artists and public figures perished!” users of Facebook wrote.


“Do you remember the Odessa officer of “Berkut” Oleg Yefimov who brought flowers to the consulate of the Russian Federation in connection with the tragedy of the plane? And so Odessa “patriots” have begun to harass and threaten him,” wrote Lada Laferova on Facebook.

“Perhaps, it is necessary to give powerful media resonance to this story. So that Right Sector activists are frightened and desist in their actions,” she added. “The person and his family are threatened by a real danger to their lives”.

Yefimov is the veteran of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and an invalid of the 2nd group. He arrived in Odessa in the late 80’s and passed through the difficult period of the 90’s, during the rise in crime in Ukraine.

The head of the regional branch of “Right Sector” in Odessa is Sergey Sternenko, who can be seen in the photograph below (on the left, holding the flag).


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