“Right Sector” in Odessa Called to “Cleanse Ukraine of Kikes”

Translated by Ollie Richardson



During the march of radicals that took place on May 2nd the head of Right Sector in Odessa Tatyana Soykina called to cleanse Odessa and Ukraine from kikes.

This was written by the director of the Ukrainian Jewish committee Eduard Dolinsky on Facebook.

In a video posted from the march Tatyana Soykina said: “We are confident that we will bring real Ukrainian order to Odessa. Ukraine will belong to Ukrainians, and not kikes! Not oligarchies. Glory to Ukraine!”

“It’s interesting – does she mean Jewish pogroms or an immediate Holocaust? Should she be believed or not? Should Jews gather to leave or is their a law-enforcement system in the country?” wrote Eduard Dolinsky.

The speech of the “Right Sector” activist took place in Odessa during the “March of Ukrainian order” organised by the “Svoboda” party, “Right Sector”, “National Druzhina” on May 2nd.

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