Right Sector Member Admitted That She Prepared a Suicide Belt for a Terrorist Attack in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The fighter of “Right Sector” Dana Vinogradova was going to use a suicide belt during the conflict in Donbass. She spoke about this in an interview to the “Kraina” magazine.

“My work is that of a stormer. I work in deployment of tasks. If separatists scouts came as guests, I, with my brothers-in-arms, ‘treat’ them. In ‘Right Sector’ there are no assigned specialties. We have all-round fighters,” said Vinogradova.

She also said that her husband with the call-sign “Sorvanny” found himself in the ‘hell of Ilovaisk cauldron’, while she all this time was in Pesky.

“After several days in Pesky, ‘Azov members’ were invited to Kiev for the charity concert ‘Black sun’. I had to read my poetry. We were driving, listening to music. The phone rang. ‘Sorvanny’ was killed near Ilovaisk, he is 200 [dead – ed],” said the chaplain over the phone. I felt light on my feet. I don’t remember how we stopped. I got out of the car, lit a cigarette. My friend ‘Shprot’ stood near me and softly patted me on the shoulder. I called our sapper. I ordered an ‘explosive belt’. He said that he will do in a few days. I began planning a major terrorist attack. I was going to visit one of the locations of the separatists. I thought about sending to the other world hundreds of scum who took my kitten,” recalls the stormer.

But in the end the attack did not take place because her husband was found and called. Also, the Right Sector member shared her phobias in the war.

“I was afraid that it’ll fly on me [a shell – ed], and that I will cease to exist,” she acknowledged. “That the body will be taken to the morgue without a manicure and with unshaven legs. They will say ‘ay-ay-ay! And yet she’s from ‘Right sector’, and a girl!”

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