“Right Sector” Nazis Were Officially Linked With the Murder of a Deputy’s 3-Year-Old Son

Deputy Commander of the “Ukrainian Volunteer Army” (UVA) and Commander of the 8th separate battalion “Aratta” Andrey “Cherven” Gergert confirmed that those detained on suspicion of attempting to murder the deputy of the Kiev Regional Council Vyacheslav Sobolev and of actually murdering his son served in a battalion of “Right Sector” in Donbass. This is reported by “Obozrevatel”.

“Both Semenov and Lavrega were with me,” he said.

According to the Ukrainian “Strana” agency, Andrey Lavrega is suspected of killing a three-year-old boy sitting in the back of a car.

Gergert said that Andrey Lavrega with the call sign “Tikhy” was a fighter of the battalion until June 1st of the current year (2019). “Brave, responsible guy, one of the best snipers in this war. Talented beyond his years and smart. He was awarded a state award from the hands of President Poroshenko,” said the commander.

“It’s an incredible guy that, if it wasn ‘t for this situation, you had to take an example. Absolutely controlled disciplined guy. If it happened to him – started shooting in the city center, then things are very bad. My heart is bleeding now,” admitted “Cherven”.

According to him, Semenov, a native of the Odessa region, was a friend of Lavrega. “But personally I don’t remember him,” he remarked.

He added that the lack of volunteer status for those who return from war and the lack of measures to socialise them can push these people to commit crimes. “And this is just the beginning,” added “Cherven”.

As was earlier reported, on December 1st in Kiev, at the intersection of Lev Tolstoy Street and Tarasovskaya Street, unknown people opened fire at a Range Rover off-road vehicle, in the cabin of which there was a three-year-old child in the back, killed by bullets. The shot was fired from the room of hostel No. 310, located on 4 Tarasovskaya Street. It has been established that the mentioned number was rented in the name of Oleg Vladimirovich Strelnikov, D.o.B. 03.10.1998, whose passport is considered lost since 2017.

The capital’s Fire Inn hostel is located at this address. “Strana” also has a photo of a potential killer who was caught on surveillance cameras. The photo shows how the killer leaves the hostel a minute after the shot was fired.

Sobolev was a deputy from the “Bloc of Petro Poroshenko” in the Kiev City Council and had a protracted conflict with former judge Artur Emelyanov. The scandalous former people’s deputy from the “Radical Party” Dmitry Linko, who participated in the falsification of the case against the chief editor of the “Strana” Igor Guzhva, was also noted in this conflict.

The crime is all the more terrible because the shooter must have seen that a child got into the car: killers usually tail victims from the start of their movement. Therefore, the goal could well be not the murder of the businessman, but to “punish” him. 

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