Right Sector: Nazism Didn’t Do Anything Bad to Ukrainians

Translated by Ollie Richardson



Activists of Right Sector in Lvov came forward with their support for Nazism. According to them, the German dictatorship didn’t do any harm to Ukrainians. This was reported on the page of Lvov Right Sector on the social network VKontakte.

“Ukrainians are very much proud of how they have fought against Nazism, which didn’t do anything bad to them,” says the statement of Right Sector in the Lvov region.

In addition, Lvov Right Sector sharply criticized the thematic symbols of the “day of reconciliation”.

“They cling onto a symbol that they know nothing about. The red poppy is a symbol of the Flanders poppy fields on which the most bloody fights of World War I took place,” it is said in the message of Right Sector of the Lvov region.

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