Right Sector Openly Celebrates the Birthday of Hitler’s “SS Galicia” Division

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The extremist organization “Right Sector” – forbidden in Russia – started an open celebration of Hitler’s troops.

Today the official Right Sector group on Facebook published a message glorifying the SS Galicia division as fighters for the independence of Ukraine.

It is necessary to explain that in recent years several attempts were repeatedly made by residents of present-day Western Ukraine to glorify “Galicia”, created by Hitler’s men.

However, unlike “Right Sector”, Ukrainian politicians preferred to exclude from the division’s name the mention of its membership in the SS.

So, the “Novyi Den” agency reported in 2009 about the emergence in Lvov of city lights with symbols of the division. It is interesting that at the time the authorities tried to distance themselves from the placement of scandalous advertizing.

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