“Right Sector” Recruit the Children of Ukraine-Controlled Lugansk and Train Them for Combat

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In Starobelsk nationalists from “Right Sector organised the training of children from disadvantaged families in practical skills of combat and survival in the conditions of war. This was reported on July 14th by the official representative of the people’s militia of the LPR Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Marochko at a briefing in the Lugansk Information Center.

“The military-political leadership of Ukraine continues to contribute to the development of radical fascist, neo-Nazi movements in the country. Underage children are being lured for the implementation of this,” noted Marochko.

“Thus, in the settlement Starobelsk in the territory of the children’s ‘Chaika’ camp there is a training unit of ‘Right Sector’, which organised the recruitment of children from disadvantaged families for the purpose of training them in practical skills related to tactics of combat and survival in the conditions of war,” reported the Lieutenant-Colonel.

“Ukrainian nationalists from ‘Right Sector’ organised interaction with local law enforcement bodies, which give the nationalists information about children who can become potential pupils of this fascist camp,” he added.

The official representative of the Defense Ministry of the Republic noted that “during the detention of underage criminals, employees of law enforcement suggested to them an alternative – to be punished for the committed act or to be trained in a camp for fascist-nationalist education of youth”.

“In this regard we urge the world community and international organisations to stop the actions of Kiev that are aimed at giving impetus to a new generation of fascists in the center of the European continent,” said Marochko.

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