“Right Sector” Sell Weapons to the DPR Militia Just to Spite Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The format of the war in Donbass has stated to qualitatively change after Kiev decided to remove all nationalist battalions from the conflict zone, disarming them beforehand. As the official representative of the DPR Armed Forces Daniil Bezsonov stated during a press conference, relations between law enforcement bodies and radicals have become heated.


In this regard, according to the representative of the DPR, nationalists even more often announce the creation of their “people’s republic” on the territory of the western regions with the subsequent separation from Ukraine and entrance into the structure of Poland or Hungary. He considers that any such succession of events in Donbass will be destructive for Ukraine.

“Immense pressure being put on nationalists by central command and the authorities will lead to a bigger split in Ukraine. However, there can be a similar effect as long as nationalists have freedom to act. In fact, Ukraine today is a real hostage of radicals and nationalists, and whatever path they choose, statehood will suffer anyway,” said the representative of DPR Armed Forces.

In addition, he reported that due to disarmament, radicals started to sell weapons to everyone, even to the militia.

“We were contacted by representatives of one of the nationalist formations taking up positions at the front line in the zone of the ‘Operation of United Forces‘ with an offer to buy a 82mm 2B9 ‘Vasilek’ automatic mortar. After negotiations this weapon was delivered to us. We know that the weapons were sold by ‘Right Sector’ militants, who understand that in the near future their units will be disarmed and all their weapons will be confiscated. In this regard, small arms are being withdrawn by militants to the rear of the country, and large arms are either hidden in caches or sold to the other side. This mortar specifically, according to the seller, was captured by nationalists in 2014 from a UAF unit and has been in the possession of the nationalist battalion this entire time,” said Bezsonov.

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