“Right Sector” Severely Beat Children in Kharkov for Speaking Russian

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



They came to the playground in balaclavas and began beating children living in the region of Kharkov Tractor Plant, only because they spoke the Russian language. On October 14th, in Kharkov “Right Sector” members created total lawlessness. Not being satisfied with the fact that in the city centre nobody showed any resistance to them (exactly like the day of celebration of the “Day of Defender of Ukraine”), the pro-fascist thugs staged pogroms in Kharkov, which for several years is considered as pro-Russian.

“We were just simply playing in front of the supermarket when we were approached by a crowd of about 70 people, who were dressed in balaclavas and were chanting about Putin,” recalls 12-year-old Daniil, who suffered from the massacre.

When the crowd arrived in the industrial area of Kharkov understood that no one is going to support their anti-Russian sentiments, the bellicose thugs began to beat teenagers who were peacefully playing on Mir Street.

“They first to be hit was Artem, who had his ribs broken. After, they beat Daniil – they broke his jaw, and then they injured the head of Dima. The guy in a Balaclava was beating, even when we called the police,” recalls 11-year-old Denis.

The parents of the injured teenagers addressed law enforcement.

“This is a complete outrage, the children just went out to play, and then “Right Sector” members were violent towards them,” says Inna, the mother of the victim.

The grandmother of 10-year-old Ivan, having seen that they had beaten the friends of her grandson, gathered the boys and decided to take them home. Then one of the attackers caught up with the group of children and the pensioner and began to attack them with his feet, the elderly woman also was targeted.

“I also called the police, they said that the call was received,” says Irina.

Three of the assailants were identified by neighbors. Police have not yet commented on the event.

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This incident occurred on a day when the so-called Day of Defender of Ukraine is celebrated. Apparently, it is the same informational propaganda that Poroshenko & Co count on, and are engaged in brainwashing their own people with, which fuelled these rampaging thugs. It turns out that this radical youth, such “defenders of Ukraine”, acted out reprisals against their defenceless fellow citizens. This is the current state of the Kiev authorities. The situation of lawlessness in Kharkov on 14th October was commented on by the co-chair of the movement “Antimaydan” Anton Demidov.

“This new holiday, which Poroshenko made, of course, the majority of people will not become accustomed to it and never will, because there wasn’t, and can’t be, any justification for this holiday and replacing February 23rd with it. That’s why such different provocations are possible, including beating for speaking the Russian language and so on,” said Demidov.

According to the co-chairman of the movement “Antimaydan”, incidents of this kind will continue until the regime changes.

“I think it will continue until people, in the end, tire of it, and will oust all of this junta from Ukraine,” said Demidov.

And this awakening is not far off. Anton Demidov gives as an example the disgraced oligarch Dmitry Firtash, who stated that Ukrainians will soon become the people who, more than others, will hate Americans.

“It’s possible to say that one has already seen the light. When the majority of people of Ukraine will see, I think that such incidents will cease and this holiday, of course, will be cancelled,” summed up Demidov.

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