Right Sector Threatens to Massacre Religious Procession in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson



Ukrainian news Agency U-NEWS, quoting Anton Skoropatsky – speaker of a neo-Nazi organization banned in Russia, reports: “Right sector” is preparing for “civilian arrests” of the participants of the procession”.

Also, Skoropatsky shared what has been done to eliminate the procession: “The Right Sector, the OUN battalion, and four more initiative groups are determined not to let the believers in Kiev. To do this, they set up roadblocks on the approach to the capital.

At the same time, according to Skoropatsky, “Right sector” intends to attend the finale of the all-Ukrainian procession of the UOC-MP on July 27th in Kiev.

Logic tells us to interpret these statements as follows: if the participants of the religious procession don’t break if they don’t manage to be stopped and neutralized on the way, “pravy sector” intend to fight the main battle against Orthodoxy in the center of the capital of Ukraine, leaning on a vast experience of Maidan and the Odessa Trade Unions Building..

By the way, about a possible repetition of the Odessa scenario, the “Interior Minister” Arsen Avakov in plain text warned participants of the procession during his press conference on the relevant topic on July 13th.

This is confirmed by the mysterious speaker of “pravy sector” himself:

“Skoropatsky does not exclude that the actions of the UOC-MP may be the reason for this carnage,” he warned U-NEWS, referring to the statement made by Skoropatsky.

U-NEWS warns, as it’s said, to do not be later offended by a lack of forewarning:

“Previously, the “Right sector” has already appealed to Ukrainians to not take part in the procession organized by Moscow. The Ukrainian government warned on the need to ban this event in order to avoid provocations. Otherwise, the “Right sector” promised to “react”.

U-NEWS also reported about the work already done by “righties” [Right Sector – ed]:

“On June 18th, there were substantial changes to the route of the UOC-MP procession. Zhitomir activists, participants of the ATO, and members of “Right Sector” did not allow the procession of pilgrims to pass through the center of Zhitomir. At the beginning, about fifty residents blocked Zhitomir-Chernivtsi highway, and later the activists did not allow the representatives of the Russian Church pass near the location of the 95th Zhitomir separate airmobile brigade, the soldiers of which gave their lives in Donbass in the struggle against the Russian aggressors.”

Meanwhile, according to the testimony of participants in the procession, the people do not even discuss among themselves the provocations against them. They just go and pray for peace.

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