Riots in the Center of Kiev – Banderists Stormed the Prosecutor General’s Office

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Kiev outside the walls of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine the next “Maidan” [a metaphorical use of the word – ed] developed. Dissatisfied with the fact that a Chechen terrorist – the former militant of the ATO Timur Tumgoyev – was handed over to Russian security officers, there is the demand for the state prosecutor to resign.

Addressing the audience, the current militant of the “ATO” and deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Yury Tymoshenko scarified the Prosecutor General’s Office for handing over the terrorist and warned that Ukrainian militants may be the next ones to be trialled in a Russian court.

“These bastards [the Kiev regime – ed] invented such rhetoric according to which it turns out that everyone who is now against it are traitors of Moscow. Even by surrendering our brothers-in-arms, they started from far away [here he means that so far it’s not Ukrainians who are being handed over, but Chechens – ed], from the edge. Here they surrendered an Ingush – and well, we will see, there is silence, and now the trial of ‘Tornado‘ will start, there is a guy from Belarus there. Aha, we will hand over a Belarusian, Russia also demands him, and then it will be our [Ukrainians – ed] turn, Ukrainians will undertake … 8,000 ‘ATO’ members are already being trialled in this state, and for more than 20,000 a suspicion of committing a crime was handed down. Tomorrow they will come for all of us, it’s only a matter of time,” declared Tymoshenko.

He was also indignant with that the current authorities describe as criminals yesterday’s Maidan protesters, who today act with the same methods that were encouraged in 2014: “Everyone who back then fought against authorities in power and showed resistance to it were heroes. Everyone who died for this were heroes of Ukraine. And what has changed? Now we are doing the same thing that we did on Maidan. Four-five years ago we stood on Maidan in the same way, near this Prosecutor General’s Office, and back then we were heroes, but today we are enemies, they call us traitors”.

Representatives of different nationalist groups gathered outsider the Prosecutor General’s Office  – also the leader of “Bratstva” Dmitry Korchinsky, and representatives of National Corpus, Svoboda, and C14 were noticed here.

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On the blog of “National Corpus” it is reported that the arriving on-duty special troops started pushing the protesters aside, and as a result of the crush special means were used, and stones flew towards the windows of the building of the Prosecutor General’s Office (GPU): “The GPU refuses to opt for dialogue with society, instead they poison people with gas and use chemical water. New buses with security officers arrive”.

“An incident occurred during clashes between radicals and law enforcement bodies outside the building of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine. During a live broadcast from the place of events ice and eggs were thrown at a journalist, according to her, then one of the participants of the rally approached the journalist and hit her in the face. According to the head of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine Sergey Tomilenko, nobody from the dozens of security officers came to the defence of the journalist.

‘We can visually see what irresponsible Ukrainian politicians call for. Officials and their supporters at first divide journalists into categories, and then they call to deprive journalists who aren’t in the right category of their rights. These threats and the hostility provoke the aggression of radicals and physical abuse…’ said Sergey Tomilenko, commenting on the attack.

Also, during the live broadcast ‘NEWSONE TV‘ appealed to law enforcement bodies with the demand to investigate the attack.

The actions of the woman who attacked the journalist can be qualified under article No. 171 and the article No. 385-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.”

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