I, Alexander Rodgers, Judge of the People’s Tribunal, Accuse…

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



“He who once sworn to the banner, must stand near it until the death. If it becomes known that he left, then by this he will merit the noose, and will lose his life” ~ Peter the Great

I see that some diligently pretend that they forgot. But me, I didn’t. And I will remind you.

The first point. The military oath of USSR:

“I, citizen of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, joining the ranks of the Armed Forces, take the oath and solemnly pledge to observe military and state secrets, to observe the Constitution of the USSR and Soviet laws, unquestioningly to carry out the requirements of all military regulations and orders of commanders and superiors.

I pledge conscientiously to study military science, to preserve in every way military and public property and to remain devoted till my last breath to my people, my Soviet homeland, and the Soviet government.

I am prepared at all times, on orders from the government, to come out in defense of my homeland, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  I pledge to defend it courageously, skillfully, with dignity and honor, without sparing my blood and life in securing complete victory over the enemies.

If I break this solemn vow, may I be severely punished by the Soviet people, universally hated, and despised by the working people.”

The second point. Establishing the fact of taking the oath (proof)

As it’s known, it was impossible to serve in the Soviet Army without taking the oath.


Poroshenko Petr Alekseevich



Yushchenko Viktor Andreevich



Tyahnybok Oleg Yaroslavovych



Klitschko Vitali Vladimirovich



Turchinov Aleksandr Valentinovich

The third point. The accusation

Poroshenko, Yushchenko, Tyagnibok, Klitschko, and Turchinov are accused of violating the USSR military oath, separatism, and treason against the motherland. These crimes have no statute of limitations, as well as mitigating circumstances.

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I, Rodgers Alekandr Alekandrovich, as a Soviet person, have the right to be the judge of the People’s Tribunal. Therefore, using my legal right, I recognise the aforementioned individuals of being guilty of treason against the motherland, violating the military oath, and encroaching on the territorial integrity of the USSR (separatism), and I sentence them to the highest measure of social protection, universal hatred, and disgust.

The sentence may be executed by any citizen of the USSR, by any means available to them.

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