Romani Camp Pogrom: The Ukrainian Court Deliberately Drags Out the Trial of “C14” Coordinator Sergey Mazur

The lawyer of the member of the Ukrainian C14 nationalist/terrorist group Sergey Mazur, Viktor Moroz, stated in comment to the “Ukrainski Novini” publication that the trial involving his client has been postponed for the 5th time by the Court of Appeal.

Today, on February 25th, the hearing did not take place again. This time it was the defence that asked for the delay. The court postponed the hearing to March 20th

he reported

As a reminder, Sergey Mazur was involved in the Romani pogrom of Lysa Gora back in April of 2018. He and his band of thugs set fire to the tents of Romanis and demolished the camp under the guise of “cleaning up” the area. On November 8th the suspicion declared to Mazur was cancelled and later, predictably, he managed to transform himself into a victim when nationalist in-fighting resulted in a grenade being thrown into his apartment. During this time – 6 months – the court has failed to make any progress concerning this suspicion, despite the fact that he was seen by witnesses at the scene of the pogrom…

It should also be noted that at this juncture it is an open secret that “C14” operates as the attack dog of the junta in Kiev, which might explain why Poroshenko’s pocket court seemingly finds it difficult to prosecute Mazur. The case of Mazur in general is a good indicator of what the EU and collective West meant when they spoke about “democracy” and “freedom” whilst distributing cookies on Maidan in 2014. In other words, one law for the “plebs” and another for Petro Poroshenko and his army of Banderist trolls. The case of the journalist Vasily Muravitsky – charged with “treason” for doing his job – is merely one example of many that illustrates this double standard.

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