Rostec Will Supply Russian Railways With 15,000 Computers Running on Domestic Processors

Rostec state corporation will supply 15,000 automated workplaces via Russian “Elbrus” and “Baikal” processors in the interests of Russian Railways. The corresponding contract for the amount of 1.08 billion rubles was signed by the National Centre for Informatisation of Rostec and “Transinform” (a branch of Russian Railways).

In accordance with the contract, 1,000 computers based on the “Elbrus” processor and 14,000 machines based on the “Baikal” processor will be delivered to the customer. In accordance with the technical task, the computers are pre-installed with the “Alt Workstation” operating system based on the Linux kernel, included in the register of domestic software of the Ministry of Communications. The system contains application software, including a browser, text, image, and table editors. The equipment will be used to work in secure networks using thin client technology in 230 Russian Railways branches across the country.

“The digital transformation strategy of Russian Railways involves updating the company’s infrastructure based on Russian solutions, which will allow us to ensure the necessary level of information security. The supply of computers with domestic-made microprocessors is provided for in the procurement plan for Russian civil microelectronic products approved by the government of the Russian Federation,” said Evgeny Charkin, director of information technology at Russian Railways.

Users of the new automated workplaces will be specialists of information and computing centres, railway station directorates, communications departments, healthcare, traffic management, repair of traction rolling stock, operation of buildings and structures, capital construction, telecommunications resources management, and administrative and economic centres.

“This is the first large-scale delivery of Russian computers in the history of Russia in the interests of a company with state participation. Railways are among the critical infrastructure facilities that require a high level of cybersecurity. The use of Russian telecommunications equipment will guarantee the absence of undocumented functions and ensure the information security of the system. Increasing the volume of purchases of high-tech products from Russian manufacturers is one of the priorities of the country’s electronic industry development strategy. The measures taken by the government of the Russian Federation to support domestic enterprises contribute to the creation of a guaranteed long-term market and ensure the technological sovereignty of the state,” said Sergey Sakhnenko, industrial director of the radio-electronic complex of the Rostec state corporation.

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