Rostislav Ishchenko: How America Deceived Itself

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The US President Donald Trump has new troubles. His former adviser Richard Gates testified against the former head of the campaign headquarters Paul Manafort. Gates admitted that he helped Manafort to evade from taxes, presenting his fees as credits, and also helped him to deceive the US Department of Justice, having confirmed several times that Manafort allegedly never lobbied for Ukraine.

Trump, of course, is not guilty of the political strategist employed by him earlier serving Yanukovych and deceiving the tax department and American justice. But now the special prosecutor investigating the case on the “interference of Russia in the American elections” can put pressure on Manafort, and he will be obliged to choose between prison (once it was even succeeded to jail Al Capone for a long time on charges of failing to pay taxes) and to testify against Trump. And at the same time it is unimportant whether Manafort’s testimony will be truthful or not. The fact alone that he will give one is important.

The Democrats may not be able to impeach Trump in time (the second year of his cadence began, then the presidential electoral campaign starts), but they will try to erase him from the list of candidates for the next elections.

If I were them I wouldn’t tempt fate. Even if Trump doesn’t share the leftist-Trotskyist globalist concept of the Democrats, he at least accepts the rules of the game developed by the American two-party elite, and isn’t going to break them. He submits to the American political tradition.

A cardinal change in American policy (foreign and domestic) is not a whim of Trump, but a vital need. The American economy needs a radical reform. As is known, the economic base dictates the form of political superstructure.

Trump is the last attempt of the American conservative-traditionalists resisting the globalist leftists to leave the crisis within the framework of the constitution — by presidential elections. If the globalists will knock him to the floor (it doesn’t matter whether it’s before or during elections), traditionalists won’t have any other option to correct their political course besides the use of force. The internal political crisis in the US will definitively pass into the format of the second civil war.

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The US already now suffers political damage from their internal political squabbles. The concept of foreign policy wasn’t formulated because of the civil standoff. And the US has now revealed the mechanism for the realisation of its political course over the last decade. And this self-exposure provides convincing proof of what earlier nobody doubted – Washington initially controlled the entire Ukrainian crisis from both sides (not only the opposition, but also Yanukovych).

The Democrats threatened Manafort with imprisonment in order to receive a testimony against Trump – no matter how truthful it is. What is important is that it is possible to construct charges from it capable of organising impeachment or to disrupt the political career of Trump.

The Democrats either don’t understand that they are playing with fire, or they realise this, but hope to win. After all, Hillary Clinton, who tried to blackmail Russia with the threat of nuclear war even before her failed election as the US President, expected to win. And this was a much more dangerous bluff than the attempt to forcefully (illegally) stop the American internal political trend being changed. After all, Trump with his concept of decreasing foreign policy activity (which he, by the way, hasn’t managed to realise yet) came to the power not as a result of successful manipulations on Twitter, but thanks to the change of mood in the environment of the business elite. The national bourgeoisie of the US brought the fight to Clinton’s compradors and won.

If now their constitutional victory is taken away from them unconstitutionally, then the national bourgeoisie won’t have another exit besides opposing the comprador’s government using these same methods. But this is a potential danger. So far Trump’s team fights off internal political opponents rather successfully. But the facts about Manafort’s activity in Kiev cause America’s position in the Ukrainian crisis to collapse already now.

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Richard Gates swore under oath that he, together with Manafort, didn’t just receive from Yanukovych & Co. millions of dollars hidden from taxes, but also rendered unofficial lobbying services for this, which is strictly forbidden by American legislation. These services consisted not only of justifying the domestic policy of Yanukovych in front of the American elite, but also of providing the entry of Ukraine into the EU.

The lobbyist took money from Yanukovych in exchange for Washington providing the entry of Ukraine into the EU. As a side note: the US is not a member of the EU and can’t influence the acceptance of someone in the European Union. They can’t do this officially, but it isn’t surprising for anyone that for accession into the EU there is a need to unofficially address to the White House. This, of course, is not news, but public recognition of this fact by the Americans sharply weakens the position of their European allies in the Ukrainian crisis.

Paris and Berlin flailed around like a grass snake in a frying pan, trying to please European business suffering from restrictions and to keep sanctions against Russia at least formally (so that Washington isn’t angered). But now they will be forced to explain how it so turned out that the government of Ukraine, which paid unaccounted-for millions to become as close to the EU as possible, was overthrown under the slogan of European integration and with assistance of the European Union. It means that Yanukovych himself paid for Ukraine’s inclusion in the European Union, and Poroshenko now tries to snatch money from Europeans for this same thing.

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Against the background of American self-exposures, it will be very difficult for the politicians of Europe to convince the business community of the expediency of further traveling along the waterway of Washington’s foreign policy. After all, it turns out that the claim made against Manafort, the sanctions ruining European business, and the US’ attempts to deprive the Old World of cheap Russian gas – having sharply thus dropped the competitiveness of its industry – is not for the sake of the triumphant ideas of democracy and tolerance”, but only for the satisfaction of the ambitions of a small group of American politicians ready to even crush the US Constitution in order to remain in power.

Why does Europe have to suffer? This question was earlier asked in the EU. The respondents referred to “Atlantic solidarity”. And now Washington openly shows that all the suffering of Europe is caused only by the unlimited ambitions of American politicians and their illegal interference in the affairs of other countries. Everyone knew about this earlier, but official confirmation from the US was received only now.

The US, of course, is a firmer organism than Ukraine is, but the internal political fight and split of the elites in Washington takes place with such scope and exasperation that it threatens to lead to the same consequences as the ones seen in Kiev. All former allies have already turned their backs to Kiev, and are currently doing the same thing vis-a-vis Washington.

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