Rostislav Ishchenko: Furry Animals and Public Consciousness in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


They say that Petro Poroshenko is regularly visited by a red furry animal* responsible for delirium tremens. I’m not sure that it’s true. Indeed Poroshenko, despite his diabetes, was never a total abstainer, but for example the still-alive Kuchma and the late Chernomyrdin drank more and more, and nevertheless they didn’t lose their spirit of cheerfulness and sobriety of mind.

Of course, perhaps hard work for the benefit of the Motherland indeed forced the illegitimate President of Ukraine to turn to “doping”, but it’s not a fact. After all, no one yet admitted publicly that they drank with Poroshenko, and the witnesses of his drinking bouts, who determine the arrival of the cute red forest rodent, at a distance (sometimes thousands of kilometers away) can’t present any evidence, except for the obvious inadequacy of Petro Poroshenko.

Permanent drunkenness would be a logical explanation for such inadequacy, if expressed itself once or twice per month. But Poroshenko is constantly inadequate. Let’s agree that a daily drunk-as-a-skunk-for-three-years diabetic would have long since solemnly (with military honors) been buried, to the delight of his accomplices in the Ukrainian authorities. But he is alive, vigorous, joyful, and inadequate.

What’s the secret, if nevertheless to assume that even if he is drunk, it’s not constantly?

Let’s phrase the question differently. And who, among Ukrainian politicians in the last three and a half years, gave the impression of adequacy? In my opinion – nobody.

By and large all of them (both the authorities and the opposition) are waiting for the same thing: when finally the US will destroy Russia and will invite Ukraine to take trophies as much as their soul desires, and to enjoy life. The possibility of such a scenario even in the 90’s was not big, because Moscow had a nuclear arsenal capable of leaving only memories from the bastion of democracy and all of its satellites. While today, when Russia copes with a united West without even thinking about nuclear weapons, (on the contrary, it is ready in general to bury in a peaceful way into the exclusive owners of the patent on universal values), only mad persons can have the hope that the West, instead of trying to negotiate for itself at least a small profit at the expense of Ukraine, will rush into an adventure of war against Russia in order to ensure the prosperity of the ten oligarchic families, the owners of Eastern European Bantustan [Ukraine – ed].

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This thought pleases me. After all, some functions of the drunkard’s brain switch off. They inadequately assess distances, they have unbalanced vestibular apparatus, visions haunt them, they rave while awake and do not at all control their actions. Exactly the same thing happens to a person with severe mental disorders, just that the mentally ill never leave a parallel reality or the status of bipolar disorder. So wouldn’t it be more reasonable to assume that Poroshenko and his colleagues don’t at all have a problem with rodents that pursue a arboreal life, but the strongest progressive mental disorder?

Where did it come from? Psychiatrists say that if a normal person is put for some time in a society of mad persons, they will leave this place with mental health issues. If their circle of communication is limited by the crazies for quite a long time, then they will become similarly abnormal.

In general humans tend to adapt to their surroundings. And what surrounds Poroshenko?

It is Viktor Yushchenko who brought Poroshenko from simple Deputy-millionaires into politics. This discreet mad person was sure that the Ukrainian nation has several tens or even hundreds of thousands of years, and also sincerely believed himself to be the Messiah. His brother Petro Yushchenko assembled a portrait gallery of many famous historical figures (from the pharaohs to the British Royal family) and found Ukrainian roots in all of them.

The main Ukrainian scientist (developer of Ukrainian science), Professor Bebik, is sure (many of his writings and public speeches are dedicated to this) that Jesus Christ is Ukrainian (according to him, a Galilean is equal to a Galician), that the pyramids were built by Ukrainians. And Professor Bebik teaches other things too.

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Journalists of Poroshenko’s personal “Channel 5” show all of the abovementioned heresy, as well as many similar ones, and push out propaganda of even more wild allegations (moreover, they sincerely believe what they broadcast on screens).

Activists of Maidan who currently occupy not the smallest positions in the Ukrainian government: Tatiana Chornovil (Deputy, Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs, the government Commissioner of Ukraine on anti-corruption activities) is the happy owner of a certificate of a mental disorder, Andrey Parubiy (speaker of the Rada) also, the Minister of Internal Affairs Ilya Kiva – in general is in the second group of disability due to such a mental disorder.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are also sadists, pedophiles, perverts from “Tornado”, “Shakhtersk”, “Aidar”, “Azov“. There is Turchynov, proud of the nickname “bloody pastor”, complaining that he wasn’t yet able to force the Ukrainian units that were based in Crimea to start a real war with Russia. There are thousands of Maidan activists who were killing and demanding murder for the sake of love for European values. There are millions who sincerely curse the Ukrainian government, who rightly call Poroshenko and his Ministers thieves, stealing more than Yanukovych, and nevertheless, who come to the conclusion that it is Russia that is guilty. Moreover, they blame Putin because they cannot choose normal authorities for themselves.

All of these people to a greater or lesser extent suffer from mental illnesses. Moreover, these millions are the social base of Poroshenko. Those who still have a normal perception of reality are imprisoned or killed without trial. In the best case scenario, they simply go unnoticed. And among these millions, the deeper and more advanced the mental disease, the higher the person is in the power structure, and therefore closer to Poroshenko.

Petro Poroshenko already for a good dozen years has been surrounded by patented loonies. If before, among them normal people still appeared, then in the last three and a half years they were either squeezed out of the country or buried in unknown graves. He lives with loonies, he eats and drinks with them, he discussing with them his problems, and it is they who prepare his documents. Was he able to hold it together for so many years in such an environment?

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He wasn’t.

Perhaps he had a chance for rehabilitation. But three years ago lunatics finally took over power in the country. Now a perverse alternative reality is broadcasted in the media, books are written about it, it is taught in schools and Universities. Society is slowly but surely sinking into the abyss of mental inadequacy.

Two years have already passed since I began to notice that for my colleagues who remained in Ukraine and allegedly preserved their sanity, as more time passes, the more they use clichés of Ukrainian propaganda as something not subject to question. The difference between them and the human victims of Maidan is just that “patriots” of Ukraine consider Putin and Russia to be guilty of everything, while “Ukrainophobes” for now blame them only because in Ukraine all the Nazis still haven’t been hanged and the rigid Russian order with concentration camps for dissidents still hasn’t been established, in which Russophiles would work as supervisors.

Thus, such a mentally inadequate environment in any case has a devastating impact on the psyche of normal people. Even if they don’t have a schizophrenic point of view, they start to have paranoid personality disorder.

This is a sick society. And it’s not just yesterday that the disease began to metastasize throughout the body. And not in 2014. This society was initially sick, and by the end of the 90’s it became incurable. It can’t be scared by a squirrel. It is another furry animal that came to it – the Arctic Fox.

*The reference to “squirrels” or “red furry animals” (Belochka/Belka) is related to Russian jargon about alcoholic delirium/delirium tremens/alcohol withdrawal.

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