Rostislav Ishchenko: Jackals Over the Pig

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Lord practically always grants to us the desirable, but most often not as we imagined it. The Ukrainian elite and a considerable part of the population (even those who didn’t have anything in common with nazis, and even before Nazism became the mainstream in Ukraine) dreamed of participating in the feast of jackals. Kiev assumed that it will divide up the carcass of Russia, and that Ukraine (its oligarchs) will become one of the beneficiaries.

25 years haven’t even passed and jackals indeed gathered over a carcass. Just that it is the carcass of Ukraine. The Eastern European “friends” of Kiev squeal from impatience and carnivorously lick their lips, waiting for that happy moment when it is possible to snatch a pink fat flank of the Ukrainian piggy.

Everything happened as it was dreamed in Kiev. Except one thing. Ukraine became the one not having dinner, but being the dinner itself.

There is nothing surprising in this. Such a fate was prepared for all of Eastern Europe. Moreover, the transformation of the countries into a forage should have happened much quicker if Russia indeed wasn’t able to resist.

Today solely the existence of a strong, opposing-the-West Russia forces the “civilized world” in the face of the US and Western Europe to be reconciled with the need to preserve the belt of small Eastern European countries, as a buffer, a cordon sanitaire, and a springboard on the border with Russia. Eastern Europeans on the one hand separate Russia from the EU, without allowing it to become closer to Western Europe too quickly, and on the other hand they will assume and absorb the first blow in the event the tensions in relations with Moscow get out of hand. They will be in the forefront of those who will go to the “campaign to the East” if Washington decides that there are favorable conditions for the next repetition of an attempt to destroy Russia militarily.

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As we see, all State functions of the Eastern European countries are connected to the existence of a strong and independent Russia, which they have to resist on behalf of the West. If there is no Russia, then there is no need for a springboard or a cordon sanitaire, while food is always needed.

But Russia remained standing, and by this it saved the sovereignty of Poland, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, and other limitrophes. It would’ve saved Ukraine also. Since the 90’s, Moscow repeatedly invited Kiev to participate in various political and economic formats, which objectively should’ve strengthened Ukrainian statehood. But the Ukrainian elite, with persistence worthy of better application, refused to see the changes happening in the world, being intellectually stuck at the level of concepts of the beginning of the 90’s.

Within the framework of these concepts the West was impregnable, and Russia – doomed. The EU and the US were presented as the “bright communist future of all mankind”, and were associated with the returned earthly paradise. Russia was imagined as forever lagging behind; organically incapable of apprehending western civilization; as Asian despotism; and the militaristic policy and imperial ambitions of which the “civilized world” was simply obliged to rally together against. Ukraine was seen by its own elite as a frontier of the “civilized world”, which nudged the line of contact deep into barbarous lands. Hence this confidence [of Ukrainian elites – ed] that all “civilized countries” are simply obliged to help Ukraine. After all, within the framework of this concept it is just an advanced detachment of the general missionary civilizing campaign of the West.

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It could work if the concept was not fully divorced from real life. Already by the middle of the 90’s it became clear that aggression emanates from the West, and that it intends to reckon with Eastern European sovereignties no more than it did with the sovereignty of some Dahomey, Benin, or even Morocco 100 years ago. By the end of the 90’s it became clear that Russia will resist and that it stands a chance. By 2008 there were no more doubts that the West has no methods against Moscow.

But Ukraine didn’t notice all of this and continued to wait for a payment for russophobia. Its picture of the world remained as simple as the truth and as transparent as a festive tear of a left-liberal hipster Trotskyist shed on the occasion of the anniversary of this same October Revolution, which moved away these liberal ultra-leftists from power already in 1917.

The inadequate assessment of the situation caused the inadequacy of actions. The expectation of the inflow of others’ resources led to the exhaustion of their own resources. Placing a stake on Maidans as a method of solving internal political contradictions destroyed statehood.

For the West two years were enough (2014–2015) to understand that Ukraine is principally impossible to reform. One more year was spent being convinced that a scenario of salvation simply doesn’t exist for it. After this France and Germany lost interest in the Normandy and Minsk formats, and the US prefer to resolve the issues connected to the Ukrainian crisis in the Surkov-Volker format. I.e., Ukraine was placed outside the brackets of the settlement process. Its fate is being decided without its participation. When things happens in this way the sides reach a compromise, especially at the expense of the interests of those who are discussed by everyone, but whose opinion interests nobody.

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Well, afterwards pack law takes effect. If it wasn’t succeeded to hound the [Russian – ed] bear, then the limitrophes prepare themselves to tear the weakened pig [Ukraine – ed] into pieces. There is a need to eat someone all the same.

On the other hand, although in a somehow perverted form, the Ukrainian dream of Euro-integration partially came true. The pieces that were torn off the pig by the jackals will be digested in the jackals’ stomachs and will become a part of the jackals’ carcasses, and these carcasses are members of the EU. Of course, Ukrainians would like to immediately go to Paris, but at the very least Bucharest will suit too. Many, without waiting for the destiny of their territories to be determined, will integrate into the EU and into Russia – in an individual order.

In general people disperse, the State disappears, neighbors tie napkins and prepare for a meal, while in Ukraine optimists still wait for the moment when they will be called to the table to divide up Russia. When God wants to punish someone he deprives them of reason.

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