Rostislav Ishchenko: Kurt Volker Corrected Poroshenko’s “Frankly Stupid” Statement

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The special representative of the US to Ukraine Kurt Volker said that observers from Russia should be allowed to work at presidential elections in Ukraine, but only as a part of the OSCE Mission. The political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko explained on the air of Radio Sputnik what stands behind this statement.

The special representative of the US to Ukraine Kurt Volker said that observers from Russia can be allowed to work at presidential elections in Ukraine in March, but only as a part of the mission of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR).

Earlier the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine received from the OCSE ODIHR the electronic list of observers for presidential elections, which included two candidates from Russia.

The president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that he will give the order to State Border Service not to let Russian observers enter the country for the elections that are planned for March 31st.

The political scientist and president of the Center for System Analysis and Forecasting Rostislav Ishchenko commented on this statement on air of Radio Sputnik.

“Poroshenko made a frankly stupid statement – that he will not let those observers of the OSCE who are owners of the Russian passports. I.e., ‘I will allow these ones – and I will not allow these ones’. But the fact is that it is about observers of the organisation. And the OSCE as an organisation is not able to let the ‘tribal chief’ dictate to them who (from their observers) he will allow and who he won’t allow”

said Rostislav Ishchenko

According to him, Kurt Volker is forced to correct the statements of his Kiev fosterlings, who do not understand the subtleties of the international rules.

“Poroshenko could say that he will not allow the OSCE to come to elections at all – so then nobody will come. But if indeed Ukraine invites the OSCE Mission, then it’s the organisation itself that decides who will go there. And Volker, unlike Poroshenko, understands all of these nuances. That’s why he corrects his Kiev fosterlings, and explains to them how they have to behave”

concluded Rostislav Ishchenko

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine suggested to adopt a law on banning the participation of observers from the Russian Federation in elections. As the secretary of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation Maya Grishina reported to RIA Novosti, this statement of Kiev confirms its intention to violate international obligations. She hoped that the OSCE will take measures for the compliance with all the norms of international observation.

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The official representative of the OCSE ODIHR Thomas Rymer dropped a hint of doubt that Kiev’s intention to not allow Russian observers at elections corresponds to the obligations of this country within the framework of this organisation.

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