Rostislav Ishchenko: The Rejection of the Dollar Will “De-Americanise” the Area From St. Petersburg to Shanghai

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Pakistan’s transition from the dollar to the yuan in trade with China threatens the US with the loss of not only an old strategic ally, but also the loss of position in Afghanistan and in Central Asia. This was stated on Thursday by the political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko, commenting on the recent statement of the minister of planning and development of Pakistan Ahsan Iqbal.

The other day the minister stated that Pakistan intends to switch to the Chinese currency in trade with the People’s Republic of China. Earlier a similar step was taken by the other important ally of the US in the Persian Gulf — Saudi Arabia. If the “treason” of Riyadh had a purely political character, then the de-dollarisation of Pakistan has a more complex character. The transition under the “Chinese umbrella” means that the country, which was once incorporated into the Chinese system of control over the trade routes that connect Europe and Asia, changes not only its economic, but also political allies, writes RIA Novosti.

“The US will be forced to leave Afghanistan and will lose the opportunity to carry out an active policy in the Post-Soviet Central Asia. The space from St. Petersburg to Shanghai will be de-Americanised in a financial and economic and military-political sense,” noted Ishchenko.

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