Rostislav Ishchenko: The Murder of Zakharchenko Is a Deliberate Provocation Carried Out by Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko commented on the murder of the head of DPR Aleksander Zakharchenko
He spoke about this in comment to the “” publication.

“Zakharchenko signed the [Minsk – ed] agreements on behalf of the republic, on behalf of the DPR. The fact of Zakharchenko’s death in itself from the point of view of international law doesn’t influence the Minsk agreements in any way. States sign agreements, and not politicians, even if this state is unrecognised. Another thing is that Zakharchenko’s death will influence the situation at the line of demarcation. I think that it is deliberate provocation carried out by Ukraine for the purpose of aggravating the situation during the pre-election period in order to strengthen the position of Poroshenko. Now the session of the parliament [the Rada – ed] has just started, which is supposed to determine the date of the elections,” noted Ishchenko.

He noted that the time of the greatest vulnerability for any state is the time when power changes, especially if it happens in a violent way.

“Kiev achieves two effects. It weakens the DPR’s position, especially since the DPR has the leading position in Donbass. On the other hand, Kiev creates the conditions for tensions in the region to intensify. And this can be used in the internal political game,” stressed the political scientist.

He doesn’t consider Zakharchenko’s murder as proof that the statehood of the DPR is in crisis.

“The Soviet army staged an offensive, but in 1944 the front commander General Vatutin died — he was ambushed by Banderists. And in 1945 the front commander General Chernyakhovsky died. He simply came under shelling. When you are at war it is clear that absolute security doesn’t exist. Especially since the position of the DPR and LPR isn’t the position of the Soviet fronts in the Great Patriotic War, where HQs were 50km from the front line. It is clear that saboteur and reconnaissance groups work in the LPR and DPR. In such a war it is impossible to completely exclude the work of saboteurs,” specified the expert.

According to Ishchenko, in this war media and charismatic personalities died — they are the enemy’s prime target.

“If you [Kiev – ed] killed Givi or Motorola, then it will be discussed and is still being discussed. And you also have an information victory. It is the same thing concerning Zakharchenko — he isn’t just a charismatic leader who is difficult to replace in the DPR. He is also a leader of all Donbass and all the Southeast should the frontline move towards Kiev. Of course, he was the prime target of Ukrainian saboteur and reconnaissance groups. And absolute security doesn’t exist. Kennedy was a US President, he was protected better than Fort Knox, but he was also killed,” noted Ishchenko.

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