Rostislav Ishchenko: The West Won’t Destroy International Maritime Law for the Sake of Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko considers that the US and the European Union countries won’t destroy the system of international maritime law for the sake of the interests of Ukraine.

As the expert noted, Kiev can try to send its claims to the international judicial instances in relation to the Sea of Azov, however even if positive [from Kiev’s point of view – ed] decisions are made, Russia can just simply ignore these resolutions.

“It is possible to submit claims to the international courts, it is theoretically possible to get support from somewhere. But the problem with the international judicial instances is that they are effective only when their decisions are implemented, and anyway – nobody is obliged to do it. Any state at any time can say that it will not implement the decisions made by a specific international court,” said Ishchenko.

The political scientist added that the Western world isn’t ready to sacrifice international maritime law for the sake of the interests of the Ukrainian political elite.

“I don’t think that the US, or even the European Union, will choose to destroy all of international maritime law because of the Ukrainian problem, since in this case it is necessary to start new long negotiations and if in the 1990’s. The West could hold such negotiations from a position of force, but currently it is obliged to do it from a position of weakness, because China, with the help of Russia, has sharply increased the presence of its Navy in the Pacific Ocean, and this means that a considerable part of the possibilities of the American fleet is tied down by the Chinese fleet, and the forces of navy are not infinite, even for the United States, and it can’t simultaneously be in all points of the world ocean, especially if there is not one only strong fleet there, but two,” summarised Ishchenko.

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