Runaway LPR Resident Describes How Faked Footage Is Produced for Ukrainian TV

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Oleg Fomenko described why he decided to leave the settlement occupied by the Ukrainian Armed Forces and move to Lugansk.

The resident of the settlement of the urban type Petrovka – Oleg Fomenko – moved to the LPR just several months ago, hiding from the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Today he, for the first time, decided to describe how life is for inhabitants of the occupied settlement under constant shelling, and about racketing and blackmail by the UAF military personnel and nationalist battalions.

“The Aidar battalion and unit Kiev-12 are in the town of Schastie. In the village of Artyom where I lived, there was the 92nd brigade of the UAF, and in the village Stanitsya Luganskaya “Tornado” members were located… In the same place there is a Lugansk water station that pumps water. The commandant’s office came there, and a lot of military — they forbid pumping water to Lugansk. They constantly shelled here, and tried to explode it,” says Fomenko.

Very often the images of shelling and the consequences of destruction were used as the “scenery” for staged segments for Ukrainian TV channels. In addition, representatives of the Kiev government aimed to mislead not only ordinary Ukrainians, but also OSCE observers.

“Earlier I worked at the railway station, I was called by my acquaintance and was told that the OSCE found themselves on the crossroad, while at this time we were being shelled… And during some minutes they [OSCE – ed] arrived very quickly and started to film everything. And there were absolutely unknown people – grandmothers, grandfathers – who were not at all not from this village, and began to say supposedly that this shelling come from there, while it was very evident from where and who was shelling,” remembers the local.

In the breaks between shelling, Ukrainian soldiers managed to plunder industrial enterprises on the territory of the region, says Fomenko. Thus, radicals managed to loot the local asphalt plant and turning plants.

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Also the Malinovsky forest area suffered from the actions of the Ukrainian soldiers. The local resident described how radicals intentionally set the plantings on fire in order to export in an unknown direction the massifs of remaining wood.

“There is a car that passes by purposefully and sets fire to the forest, then something burns down, and then something starts to be cut down… Malinovsky forest, I don’t remember precisely how many, but its many hectares. Practically half of the forest has been cut down and is sold in an unknown direction,” he added.

Earlier Ukrainian TV channel “Inter” found itself again in the center of a scandal because of staged reporting from Avdeevka. Everything began with the post of the famous Odessa journalist Yury Tkachev on “Facebook”, whose acquaintance recognised the person playing the role of a woman with tears in her eyes thanking the Ukrainian Armed Forces as a government official from Mariupol.

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