Ruslan Balbek: The Mejlis Distributed Guns in Crimea and Tried to Organise a Massacre

Translated by Ollie Richardson


During the Crimean spring the Mejlis distributed guns to their supporters, intending to stage a massacre in Crimea and to present it as a “partisan movement”. This was stated o
n the air of radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” by the deputy of the State Duma Ruslan Balbek.

According to the deputy, the leader of the Mejlis Mustafa Dzhemilev sold his services to the West and received advice from the US Embassy.

“Representatives of the Mejlis, this extremist organisation, were tasked with realising this criminal plan and indeed distributed guns. Dzhemilev sold the opportunity to drag the Crimean Tatars into an inter-State standoff. The main clients were the overseas benefactors of Dzhemilev and the Kiev regime. Being on the platform of the Ministry of Defence, he promised to arm the Crimean Tatars, to present it to the world community as a certain partisan movement. The groups had to be registered under the Ministry of Defence …” said Balbek.

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