Ruslan Bortnik: Ukraine Already Lost the “Hybrid War”, but the Illusion of Integrity Was Preserved

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In an exclusive interview to “Glavnovosti”, the director of the Ukrainian institute of the analysis and management of policy Ruslan Bortnik said that Ukraine is not playing an independent geopolitical game.

“Ukraine only uses geopolitical trends for the sake of the internal political fight. We try to use the standoff between the West and the East for the sake of suppressing our internal position, for the sake of buying a “ticket to the Western world” for our political elite.

Ukraine today is not a sovereign player in geopolitical processes. At best we sometimes are a younger partner in some processes, and at worst we are just a battlefield on which our elite is clearly divided into two camps: some are fighting for some, and others are fighting for others.

We were lucky that we are living in the 21st century. If we got into such a geopolitical situation in the 20th century, not to mention the 14-15th centuries, then we would’ve been torn into pieces.

Today, taking into account the fact that the model of standoff has changed, we maintain the illusion of integrity. By the way, it is impossible to call this model ‘hybrid’. It corresponds more to the name ‘information-economic standoff’. A military-political standoff has already become a consequence of it.

We already lost this war because in hybrid war the territory and control over the people are not the purpose. In hybrid war the aim is to obtain the sovereignty of the authorities and control over the economic resources of this or that community.

We have already lost this. Today we are not sovereign politically and we are not sovereign economically. All key decisions in these questions are made not in Kiev, and not on Bankova Street. They are made in the offices of the International Monetary Fund, in the offices of our creditors.

That’s why Ukraine today has lost the hybrid war. Just because it is war of a new generation and we preserved our borders – formal symbols of statehood – it seems to us that we are still at war.”

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