Russia: 7th November – Day of National Unity

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Today, like in 1941, our country is subjected to external aggression. Only at that time it was Germany who was used as an instrument of aggression, and now, the same forces pit against us the USA and its puppets…

Today we have a double celebration. 99 years of the Great October revolution and the 75th anniversary of the historic parade on Red Square.

The overthrow of the pro-West liberal provisional government is, of course, a holiday too. For a little more than six months of their leadership, the liberals doubled Russia’s external debt (from 38 to 77 million rubles in gold), reversed the factually-won war, destroyed the front, drove up the number of deserters to one million, push the country into starvation, and Petrograd at this time was threatened by German amphibious assault.

Nearly the same devastating results happened when the liberals came to power in 1991. Devastation, plundering, depopulation, banditry, the status of a resource colony, separatist wars, and a complete absence of independent foreign and domestic policy. And we will once celebrate a great new year’s coup, where their leader was quietly led away for an undeserved vacation.

Today, like in 1941, our country is subjected to external aggression. Only at that time it was Germany who was used as an instrument of aggression, and now, the same forces pit against us the USA and its puppets.

And, like in 1941, despite everything, there is a parade on Red Square. The case of Lenin is alive, Russia is still alive, the USSR is knocking on our hearts. Colonel Putin continues the work of Generalissimus Stalin.

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Our cause is just, we will win! “And on the ruins of the Pentagon our names will be written”.

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