How Russia Became the Main Winner in the Three-Year Geopolitical Fight

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The multipolar world of big-time politics is rapidly changing. The Middle East is in a fever from cardinal collisions, Europe is deeply in conflict with itself and the United States, the Gulf States are plunged into a condition of Arab division, and the intra-American elite are in a position of internecine chaos.

Changes are multiplying across the entire planet, and with them the platforms for peremptory international rivalry are expanding.

In such conditions a simple question naturally arises: what was the trigger for such large-scale multi-year shocks? When was there a fissure, and who became the extreme trigger for the initiation of the current process?

The answer to this is extremely simple: Ukraine, neighboring to us, was the trigger.

Of course, this country by itself wasn’t able to affect the course of serious geopolitical currents, but it, with its own lack of will, became an extreme drop on the scales of interstate and unresolved contradictions.

The Ukrainian coup, the events following it, and the statements of people who came to power in Kiev about the imminent start of the placement of NATO bases in Simferopol and Crimea became the start of the big geopolitical “avalanche”.

Up to this point, the transnational elite of America felt like the fully-fledged masters of the White House and traditionally controlled the most part of European finance behind the scenes. The Middle East caught fire in a planned-in-advance processes of operated chaos, and quiet Russia modestly positioned itself as the regional raw material country. Even the Persian Gulf was still uniform, and Britain was in the structure of collective Europe. ISIS was expanding its capabilities, and American clans assuredly left from the pre-election race directly into the offices of the main Washington regional committee.

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And suddenly, everything sharply changed.

From 2014, Crimea Politely returned to its historical Motherland (and together with it also the security of the Russian borders returned). Attempts of the US to shake the sovereignty and to neutralise the openness of Russia time and time again failed (at the same time also unipolar American authority was lost). The successes of the Crimean and Syrian campaign were used by national elite of America against the acting transnational elite, and the terrorist armies of the Middle East, since September, 2015, actively and systematically retreated. Even the decades-quiet Europe found itself being drawn in to the inflaming the standoff between American financial and industrial European secret functionaries.


The course of world processes indeed turned upside down, but the turbulence of the events didn’t affect everyone equally. After all, literally every anti-Russian step of the West in the last three years was as much as possible used by Russia for its own benefit.

When Washington haughty activated “civilized” anti-Russian hysteria, Moscow managed to draw China and Iran onto its side. When the American coup in Egypt unexpectedly failed, Russia again became the desired partner of the Middle Eastern Republic. When the anti-Russian provocation of the Turks was neutralised and the pro-American coup was quelled, the Middle Eastern NATO stronghold in one moment became pro-Russian. While the anti-Russian sanctions didn’t affect really important spheres of the gas industry, finance and Swift payment service provider, Russia (having seized the opportunity for the future) defended itself. While the American coalition on the territory of Syria “resolutely was at war against the dictator Assad”, Russia turned itself into one of the leading forces in the Arab region. While Europe, which turned its back to Moscow, dictated terms to the anti-Russian Turkey, Russia actually tied Erdogan down with benefits of a regional partnership.

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With its updated policy against Iran, the US finally split the ancient Arab unity. And by a new political conflict in the Persian Gulf, America already turned to the Kremlin not only Qatar, but also the “sultan’s” Turkey, together with the rapidly developing Iran.

The US and Europe are split in the same way as the Arab world, and the intra American state of affairs leaves much to be desired at all. While Trump strenuously dances the rousing dance of “swords” in Riyadh, his own intelligence agencies devotedly accused the leaders of this country of supporting Salafist groups, financing radical mosques, and protecting terrorists who conducted the symbolic terrorist attack on September 11th.

Even China, being the closest trade partner of America and adhering to traditional neutrality, after insulting itself by being dragged into the incident involving the airstrikes on the Syrian military base, cooperated with President Putin ever closer.

Russian energy companies settled in Libya deeper than the western ones, which unleashed the entire Libyan conflict, and the US itself despite all its desire can’t completely turn away from our country before the end of their new Middle Eastern “strategy”.

The polite and patient attitude of Russia, and also the “political judo” of Vladimir Putin more than once over the past few years saved obviously losing situations, and active and surgical geopolitical strikes in just three years led our country to the leading global pedestals.

Until recently Russia was written off from the world accounts by absolutely everyone, while already today we again remind our forgetful political “opponents” what happens when the world once again forgets a severe historical truth:

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Nobody should ever fight with Russians…

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