Russia Before Putin – Literally in Ten Points

NEW – May 25, 2022

I was accused of betraying the Motherland because I “support the criminal authorities”. The accuser is a young man who, due to his age, does not remember what happened to the country before Putin came to power. Especially for him and the young “patriots”, I will describe in which country we lived.


1. We were not paid a salary for six months, and some for a year. All state employees. Getting a salary for January in August is a common thing. This situation was total. We survived at the expense of vegetable gardens. No one had any savings.

2. Emergency services were given 20 litres of gasoline per car. One day I came to the ambulance myself in a semi-fainting state with acute poisoning, because they answered my call that they had run out of gas.

3. The country was constantly standing with an outstretched hand. Newspaper headlines: “Russia is asking America for some more food.”

The news began with stories that our government is negotiating a new loan. And they continued with stories about the wars of the oligarchs with each other. By the way, Dorenko, who after his death became almost an icon of journalism, shamelessly soaked everyone on the main TV channel of the country whom Berezovsky pointed out to him. And, yes, the channel belonged naturally to Berezovsky.

4. The war against international terrorism in Chechnya. As soon as the military achieved success, the fighting immediately stopped and negotiations began, following which all success was negated. People (ordinary citizens, not rich people) were abducted all over the country and taken to Chechnya. The media regularly told heartbreaking stories about how mothers raise money to buy their children out of captivity. Those who could not be redeemed were turned into slaves. And in 1999, terrorists from de facto independent Chechnya attacked Dagestan.

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In the same year, an absolute record was set for the number of evaders from military service (44% of those who were on military registration).

5. Heads of government could be changed 2-3 times a year, which was a consequence of the fight of the oligarchs among themselves and their influence on apparatus decisions made by the “family” – the circle of Boris Yeltsin‘s confidants.

6. Contract and not so much murders regularly took place. Criminal groups fought with each other, sending whole gangs to the next world. Schoolchildren answered the question of who you want to be quite seriously – bandits. In 2000, the country set a record for the number of murders and robberies.

7. The mood in society was absolutely decadent. According to opinion polls, in 1999 79% of the population felt a sense of shame and chagrin for the country.

8. In 2000, the country’s gold and foreign exchange reserves amounted to 12.5 million (!) dollars. There was simply no money in the country.

9. In 1997, a negative trend of natural population decline was formed (minus an average of half a million per year), which was interrupted only in 2009.

10. The number of suicides reached peak values. In 2000, there were 39 cases per 100,000 people (now this figure is around 13% – at the level of the United States).

Putin literally dragged the country away from the edge of the abyss, because the scenario of its collapse was more than real.

That’s why the older generation votes for Putin, and not because “they don’t understand what happiness the country would have without him”. They have something to compare with. Go outside at 23.00. What do you see? Is the road illuminated? Twenty years ago, there wasn’t such a street – entrances were not illuminated.

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It seems to you that everything around is what has always been. That’s not so.

And in gratitude for the fact that he saved the country from disaster, Putin gets spat on by a young and impudent scrub. And all because they are absolutely short-sighted and are not capable of comparative analysis.

The grown up see from a distance. Study the recent past of your country and you will understand everything yourself.

And, yes – if you decide to “cast Putin off”, you will have to step over my corpse, snatching a weapon from my numb hands.

Patriots of Russia

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