Triumphant Liberation of Aleppo: Russia Breaks the West’s Spine in Syria

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The military showdown in Aleppo, with the direct participation of Russia and Syria, as well as the support of key players such as Iran, Israel, and Turkey undermines the West’s political project in the region and changes the course of world history.

Terrorists in a “cauldron”

The situation in Aleppo has reached a climax: around the city a “cauldron” was created in which are supporters of “Jabhat al-Nusra” and other terrorist groups. The battle for the city is punctuated by a humanitarian operation launched by Russia and the Syrian government on July 28th. The plan of the operation includes three humanitarian corridors for civilians and one for “staggering” militants.


Despite the fact that the US and their supporters officially recognized “Jabhat al-Nusra” as a terrorist group, they do everything to avoid the large-scale defeat of the insurgents in Aleppo. The destruction of this group will put an end to the strategic media-political project of the West and will make it clear that the project has no real support from the local population, and the term “moderate opposition” is invented Western propaganda, as cliches are necessary in order to legitimize terrorism as a means of political struggle.

Dot the I

Now, Russia’s Armed Forces are ready to repeat the “October scenario”, applying massive strikes with air-and sea-based cruise missiles to terrorists that have settled in Aleppo. This can be seen by the fact that on August 15th, the Naval Fleet began exercises in the Mediterranean and Caspian seas involving rocket ships, armed with “Kalibr” missiles. Also in Syria a bombing “trial” was passed by long-range Tu-22 bombers .

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The death of the Western project in Syria

And to stir the “hornet’s nest” of terrorists in the Middle East region, Moscow does not need support from the anti-ISIS coalition led by the United States. Almost a year of actual combat showed that the Russian Armed Forces are able to fulfill all the tasks set before them, despite the opposition of the parties.

To combat terrorism, our country has everything it needs: enormous military power, a presence in Syria (at the request of the current Syrian authorities and in accordance with international law), and the support of influential players in the region with the most powerful armies in the Middle East. Also, joining the dialogue is Turkey, whose authorities decided to side with Russia.

Russophobic flywheel running on all cylinders

But to somehow distract the world community from the Syrian realities, the US unleashed a real Russophobic flywheel in the Western media, interspersing it with real provocations: already only the doping scandal and harassment of athletes from Russia on the Olympic games in Rio greatly shows it.

But what shocks the most is the attempts of Ukrainian saboteurs to carry out terrorist attacks in Crimea, the purpose of which was to be the airport and the bus station in Simferopol, the route Simferopol — Yalta, water crossings, several bridges, gas distribution stations and the “Titan” plant.

Fortunately, thanks to the professional and dedicated work of the FSB staff, our country managed to prevent the sabotage attacks and the destruction of vital infrastructure in Crimea.

A new page in history

Thus, the siege of Aleppo (the second in size and most important city of Syria), and the complete failure of the Western “Syrian project” will put an end to the policy of double standards, which flourished in the Middle East the past decade, and will become a strategic turning point in the Syrian war.

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Instead of terrorism, the region is waiting for political transformation with uniform standards that will allow the stabilisation of the situation and to extinguish the fire of war.



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